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How To Write A Great Press Release

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Media exposure, an exposure that starts from a single press release, is an effective method to promote your products.

Newspapers, magazines and television news shows use press release to locate news and interest stories. In other to get your press release noticed by reporters, it should be highly professional, news worthy and have an appeal to a wide audience.

Your press release should be brief, preferably one or two pages, and it should be detailed enough to allow a reporter compose a short article based on the information contained in the press release.

You should make your press release more appealing to the audience by having an enticing story to it, it should not be like an announcement or too formal.

Good stories includes survey results, content, awards given and received, events and sales or product announcement which should be interesting enough to captivate the interest of the reader.

A quick way of discouraging the media from using your press release is when you actually make it sound like a sales brochure. You can be sure your press release would be discarded for more interesting ones.

I have listed a number of rules that can guide you to create an interesting press release that won't go unnoticed.

Study different samples of press releases by different companies so has to have an idea of how press releases are created and the required format to use.

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Include in your heading contact information and make sure your heading is well thought out. You can list your cell phone numbers or include a day and evening phone number so as to answer questions or inquiries from interested reporters.

Entice the reader by creating an impressive press release that captivates the readers mine. Do ensure that it's always in BOLD prints.

Use double spacing in your press release for easy reading.

You should include the basics of whom, why, when and where in your first paragraph so as to quickly make the reader get overall information about your company and the reason for a press release.

This makes you lay the foundation and sell your concepts to your readers immediately. Have it in mind that the overall purpose of the press release is to get a response from the news media and entice your audience.

You should know what your press release is all about. Are you selling a new product, bringing out new ideas, having an upcoming social event or simply want to share valuable information or concepts with the public?

Use keywords that relate to the purpose of what your release is all about as keywords would make it easier to understand.

You should give your story more credibility and worthiness by including quotes from business partners, clients and professionals. You may decide to quote yourself if you are the subject of the release.

End your press release with a brief but distinct summary of the business or person you are promoting.

Avoid grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in your press release. Be sure to review your writing thoroughly for errors and spelling mistakes and edit it if need be.

Compile a list of media contacts before sending out your press release. You can get these contacts from websites of local newspapers, news programs and magazines.

Most media outlet allows you to send in your press article via email, fax or by mail, and you should know which one of the three is their main preference to send your story.

Before sending your release, make sure you are ready to answer interview questions from reporters who might decide to call immediately.

So you should have a prepared mindset and response of what you would say when called upon. You can as a choice write down a list of point for reference.

A good news story is sure to promote interest than any other paid form of advertising and sending in your press release to a news media house is sure to get you a good response.

However do not be discouraged if you fail to get the attention you were expecting, as you would have to try again to find that edge that works.

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