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Internet Marketing Tips You Should Use This Year

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Over the last few years, internet marketing has shifted considerably from journalist and corporates into a market clearly defined by consumers.

Online consumers are spending more time online favourably disposed to advertising campaigns which are attractive and socially acceptable while ignoring the more forceful and aggressive ones.

Content Optimization

Getting your website content right is a must factor in internet marketing. You have to ensure that your contents are accessed and read by human or search engines.

Search engines rank websites based on the effectiveness of your website content and index your site accordingly.

Content Development

Optimizing the contents of your website is not the only factor that counts in internet marketing; you have to keep your website updated with new contents on a daily basis by developing a strategy to this effect.

You should make sure the new contents used is been optimized for search engines and at the same time make them user friendly for your website readers.


The concept of pay-per click is to pay for traffic leads which click on ads been advertised on search engines.

Your traffic bids for keywords that are related to products or services your website offers. For most websites which are not well ranked on search engines, the use of paid search advertising would surely be of help to the company.

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Article Marketing

This is one of the most effective means of making people aware about your website and would definitely increase the number of back-links that you receive daily on your site.

Articles are normally submitted to directories, content publishers, announcement lists and RSS feed (content syndication).

You should publish these articles on your website and make sure you add a bookmark link so as to network your site into bookmarking sites.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing strategy is an essential part of an integrated communications and marketing strategy which corporates and small business owners should encourage.

Studies indicate that by the end of 2007, more than 60% of top global business groups would encourage social media marketing as part of their communication strategy.

Social Media has become an essential aspect of internet marketing which have prompted search engines to adjust their rankings to accommodate search personalization.

An advantage of getting involved in social media marketing is a substantial increase in your website contents.

Start a Blog

Blogs have made it imperative for companies to engage their customers interactively, and to create a web presence which would give the consumer a high sense of belonging.

Corporates have always focused on faceless marketing and communication strategy in the past but now a lot of companies knows the effectiveness of having a company personality through creating and maintaining a company's blog to interact closely with their consumers.

As more and more consumers get involved in the internet, news media such as blogs and social websites are the first point of call when looking for company information and this have led to a whole lot of corporate blogs coming up.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is unarguably a huge revenue generating strategy for internet marketing.

With the successful implementation of internet and video streaming websites such as YouTube, there is a huge market for web marketers to access this avenue to generate huge traffic, sales and consumers.

As companies venture into video marketing, it promises to have a strong impact on affiliate and internet marketing.

Widget marketing

Web widget which is relatively unknown has made a defined impact on internet marketing as an effective marketing strategy since its inception.

It has enabled many new services such as blogs and interactive site to have the means of advertising products or services to potential customers quickly and easily.

Widgets are small applications that provide functionality and content online outside that of the primary website.

This application has not only become a brand-building marketing strategy but has provided companies a new and fast way of getting across to potential customers.

Email Marketing

To further enhance your internet marketing strategy, the use of email communication to maintain and increase your customer base is a powerful marketing strategy in use among different companies.

Updating your customers about new changes, new products and services or information about your services and product is essential in internet marketing.

Email marketing strategy is an effective means of communication with your customers directly and keeping them updated on your web content.

To make a presence, you need to establish a strong internet presence by using the different electronic marketing strategies which would enable you to remain competitive, generate high revenue and maintain an increased customer network.

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