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Use Page Relevancy For Improved Landing Page Performance

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The success of an advertisement campaign to a great extent depends on the landing page. It is surprising that despite being such a crucial component, more often than not, it does not get the importance it deserves.

The success of campaigns pertaining to SEO, PPC and the like depends upon a variety of factors such as bid prices, ad optimization, link building etc.

However, the time, effort and money invested in these areas will be rendered useless, if landing page relevancy is ignored.

The objective of a landing page is to convince website visitors to become customers. A successful website is one which attracts a large number of visitors and is able to generate adequate number of customers from this pool.

The meaning of Landing Page Relevancy

The optimal performance of the landing page depends upon a large number of factors. Out of these, landing page relevancy is a crucial contributor.

When a customer clicks on your advertisement, the page that he is directed to is the landing page.

In the face of severe competition that exists on the web, the landing page should be designed and constructed in a way that will encourage the visitor to actually become your customer.

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Availability of relevant information 

The landing page should contain information pertaining to the product or service that you are looking to sell. It should be an extension of the advertisement that brings traffic to your website in the first place.

This will ensure landing page relevancy. The content needs to be concise, well written and persuasive enough such that the people who visit your website find themselves compelled to become your customers.

Foresee the needs of your visitors

To ensure landing page relevancy, the information available on the page should be designed to meet the needs of those who visit your website.

More often than not, visitors to your website would not have landed there by accident. They would have been directed to it either by clicking on your advertisement or in case of SEO or PPC, through certain keywords.

Give your advertisement and the keywords adequate thought. Do they bring in visitors who are in search of more information or those who are ready buyers? Once you have determined this, make sure that your landing page is able to meet their needs.

Strategic Placement of Keywords

In all likelihood, a visitor would have reached your website by way of certain keywords. Landing page relevancy requires that these keywords are not only adequate in number, but also that they are placed strategically placed on the page.

This will convince the visitors that they have reached the right page. At the same time, avoid excessive use of the keywords, as this will disrupt the flow of the content. The key is to strike a balance.

Successful advertising 

Landing page relevancy means that irrespective of the type of advertisement that you rely upon, the landing page needs to contain information that is in keeping with the content of the advertisement.

When the visitors who reach your website through advertisements, find the information or products that they are looking for, chances are they will end up becoming your customers. This is indicative of successful advertising and will generate greater revenues for you.

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