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4 Keys To Writing Powerful Headlines

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First impressions are the key to any encounter, whether in person or in print.

The headline of an ad is the most important part of any advertisement, if you do not catch the readers attention, they will never get them to see the rest of the ad.

It is important to know how writing powerful headlines can help you in getting your message read. Writing powerful headlines can be one of the biggest challenges to most writers.

How do you take your complete message and reduce it to just a few important words that will capture the reader and make them want to read your piece. If you are effective at writing powerful headlines, you can be a success in the field of print advertising.

Now do not let this challenge get you down. There are several tips which can assist you in writing powerful headlines that have proven to be extremely effective at selling products and services.

Here are four of the most powerful and simplest methods to assist you in writing powerful headlines.

Use a "How to" headline

Everyone loves to learn how to do something new or to find out a new way to do something else. Think of all the "how to" ads you have seen, such as for loosing weight, quitting smoking or writing a book.

These headlines work because they will assist people is doing things that the customer is interested in doing or trying. If your headline matches a need or desire of the potential customer, you have a better chance of getting them to buy your product.

Also, by writing a powerful headline, you could bring out an interest in someone that they were not fully aware of before they saw your ad.

The better job you do at catching the customer's attention, the better chance you have to make a sale. If your product can assist them in reaching a life goal, you have an even better chance to develop a new customer.

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Use a question for your headline

If your headline is a question that is on the customers mind or you can get the customer to think about, they will be seeking the answer. If your ad is right there, then you have a great opportunity to make a new customer.

In using this method for writing powerful headline, you need to make sure to ask a question the customer would be interested in, not what you are interested in.

Thing like will your marriage fail? Or what do you do if you are in an accident? These can attract attention of potential customers.

Use the top ten approach

Alright maybe just top five or seven, but everyone loves to check out these types of list. Using a number in your headline is certain to attract some attention and readers.

Things like "four ways to bring on more reader" or "five ways to get a new lover" are ways to write powerful headlines which will attract readers.

Testimonials from past customers

Use some of your own customer's words about your business or product to attract new customers. These phrases will sound genuine and real to the reader and can be very effective.

Writing powerful headlines is a powerful skill, if mastered will increase your business in no time at all.

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