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Building Back Links For SEO

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One of the key criteria that search engines use to assign rankings to your website is the quality and number of back links you have, the more links and the higher their quality the more chance you have of attaining a top ranking in the engines.

In order to build quality back links to optimise your search engine results there are three simple steps that you should take. The first and most important step is to pick your keyword phrase then optimise your site and your advertising campaign with it.

Ensure that this keyword is one that people will actually type into a search engine as a search term and that it does related directly to the content of your site.

This keyword will be the core text for all of the links you will build as well as being the core of your site and advertising campaign. The second step is to write articles relevant to the content of your site and submit them to article directories.

Ensure that you use your keywords in the anchor text and include a link to your website in the author resource information. You should attempt to submit at least 8 to 10 articles that are relevant to your target market with the article directories initially.

Article marketing is an extremely valuable tool when building back links as the articles will build your authority and credibility as an expert in the minds of your target audience as well as building the links.

You should constantly write new articles and submit them to the directories, as a general guide you should aim to publish at least two new articles per week.

Ensure that your articles are submitted to as many directories as possible.

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If you are unable to write the articles yourself you should consider having your articles ghost written, you can find service providers on the net for ghost writing, you can also find submission services such as SubmitYourArticles.com.

To see the value of a back link building campaign, I would recommend that you write or have ghost written 8 to 10 articles and submit them to at least 100 article directories yourself or through a submission service as soon as possible.

Taking this step will give your back links a huge boost and you will see momentum building in amount of traffic visiting your site. The final or third step is to put your site on web directories.

This can be a time consuming process but is well worth doing for the number of back links you can create through this process.

There are literally thousands of web directories available from general ones to directories that specialize in specific niche markets or interests, some of the directories are free to submit to and others do charge a fee.

One strategy you may consider to start with is to list your site with all the free web directories possible and try to attain the highest possible page ranking.

There are other methods that are touted to build back links and generate traffic to your site, the three steps I have outlined however are generally the most effective for the least cost.

As your confidence and experience increases you will then be able to explore some of the other methods of generating increased traffic flow.

To summarise the three steps above are very easy to follow but will require commitment on your part to achieve results.

The sooner you take action and implement the strategies the sooner you will see the benefit to your business, if at all possible you should aim to implement a back link building campaign as soon as you start your site or become aware of the importance of back links.

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