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Frequency: The Key To Your Advertising

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If you only remember one thing about marketing, it is frequency is the key. What is meant by frequency?

This is how often can you get your product and your name exposed to your customers, both current and potential. The higher the exposure, the more likely you will make your sale. The higher the frequency of your message, the more effective you should be.

Marketing studies have shown that it can take people anywhere from three to 27 exposures to something before they will take action.

So if you want to be successful in your business, you need to get it in front of your customers. Think about some of the largest companies in the world, their frequency of advertising has delivered there message deep into our minds.

Who can not remember a Pepsi, Coca Cola or McDonald's commercial? How many times did you see the same message? There frequency of advertising makes them one of the first brands when you think of there product type.

This being a fact, if you want to build brand recognition you need to increase the frequency of exposure of your product to customers.

This is good for both attracting new customers and keeping current customers. Current customers like to see the product that they bought continually being promoted so they feel good about prior purchases.

Now you do not need to spend a fortune increasing your advertising frequency. Here are a few tricks to increase your frequency in the print media. (Tricks for other outlet, such as radio and online, will be in future articles.) 

Keep your ad small, since this will cost less. You should refer to "Advertising on a Budget - Part 2: Thinking Small" for more information.

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Schedule your ads to run all at once. This is better than trying to spread them out. You will get better recognition with consistent reminding the reader of your product. It will not be noticed if you miss a week or two and then return.

Take advantage of any frequency program that your paper might have. Make sure you always sign a specific contract, do not use open contracts.

A true example of how it can work for you!

A local newspaper was conducting an advertising program which they called "3 for Free". What this program included was an opportunity that if you ran an ad for three consecutive days, they would give you the next three days for free.

A local company developed a small add, about one by two inches, was produced and ran in the paper for six days. The ad was then renewed to run again the next month.

After a year of following this program, many people were approaching the owner of the company telling them that they saw their ad all the time.

This once a month frequency provided customers with the reminder that they needed about the company, without making it become common place.

Other companies wanted to find out there secret of keeping this company in the mind of customers. What did this ad campaign cost the business? It was only $100 per month for the one week ad.

Remember it takes patience to build your reputation, this will not happen overnight. Effectively keeping your product in front of your customers is a key to success.

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