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How To Design A Landing Page That Is Relevant

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For the purpose of the following discussion we will assume that you already have an established advertising campaign with Google adwords or something similar, and that this advertisement is directing visitors to your personal landing page.

This article will discuss the importance of having an effective landing page that is relevant to both your ad and your product that will encourage your prospective clients to opt in to your offering.

It is vitally important that your landing page and your ad complement each other and have the same basic theme.

The average person will decide in seven seconds whether to continue reading a website or to exit the site and return to the search engine.

In these seven seconds you must seize the prospects attention and the best way to do that is to ensure that your landing page is relevant to both your ad and their search.

This means that your keyword(s) must be relevant to both your ad and your landing page.

Your landing page should build an instant emotional bond with the potential customer or prospect; it should offer the solution to their problem or the answer to their search.

Your page should leave the prospect feeling that you understand their needs and have the solution. Once you have their attention you can present your offer and guide them into performing an action such as opting in, buying or both.

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This is why the content of both your ad and your website must be compatible and relevant to each other.

Your prospect or potential customer had a problem or idea in mind when they entered keywords into a search engine and found your ad; your ad fitted with their thoughts so they clicked on it.

If the content of your landing page does not have continuity with the ideas of the prospect as defined by their keywords you will not hold their attention and thus will not make the sale.

The tone or theme of your page, the features and benefits it offers and the prompting to action must all fit with the thoughts that are occurring in your prospects mind.

For example if you are selling computer keyboards and that is your key word then your page should show all of the keyboards you offer. If your keyword is wireless keyboards then your page should only show those products.

Your keywords and landing page can also be persuasive; by this I mean that you have the chance to educate your prospect and change his mind.

For example if you advertise with a keyword say XYZ keyboards that is a competitors brand, your page can educate your prospect about the differences between the two brands of keyboards and show them the advantages and benefits of your product over that of the competition.

The headline of your page is extremely important; it must catch your prospects attention and make them want to read on. For example: Latest Technology Keyboards, or ABC Keyboards Far Superior to XYZ Keyboards.

You must establish credibility with your prospects, the presentation of your landing page and overall website its look and feel is hugely important here.

The design of your site, the colours, font, pictures etc all have an effect on the prospect and will lead them to decide whether to do business with you or even to continue to read your site.

Consumers in different markets respond to different things; look at your competitors sites see how the successful ones designed their pages is there a common pattern that you can learn from? Do they all use a common colour or font?

Is there some common theme in the content of your successful competitor's pages? Adding logos of established selling associations also leads a great deal of credibility to a web site such as PayPal, VeriSign, BBB etc.

You must decide what you need your ad campaign and your website to accomplish, take the time to carefully consider this and target all of your advertising and your page content towards this goal.

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