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How To Use Google Analytics

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The biggest difference between a successful business and one that does not make it can be found in the decisions which decisions were made.

This fact is true not only in the traditional business sense, but also in the Internet and web site world of business.

Everyone successful business person is always search for whatever tool can assist them in uncovering even one more piece of information which can help them make better decisions.

Knowing this, Google has developed another tool which can assist in allowing you to make better decisions for your Internet business, Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics is a free, simple to use web statistics tool. Here is a short tutorial that should help you better understand this newest of Google's tools.

Step 1: Establishing a New Account

Creating an account in Google Analytics is easy and simple. All that is needed is a Gmail email account ID. Once you have established and confirmed your ID, you are ready to sign up your web site for Google Analytics.

Step 2: Web Site Tracking Code

After you have completed establishing your account in Google Analytics, you are ready to use this powerful engine.

You now will need to install the tracking codes on your websites, if you have not already done this. This is an easy process, for even first time users. This can be done through the Add Website Profile links that you will find in Google Analytics.

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Once you are in the "Add a profile for a new domain" option, scroll down the page and fill in the URL of the home page you want to Google Analytics to track. Next select the time zone you are working in and click on continue.

Once you have completed this step, the Google Analytics engine will automatically detect whether the tracking codes have been correctly installed on the website you provided.

Then choose one of the codes, paste it in the website and let the analytics engine do its analyzing.

You need to make sure that the codes are installed before the End Body tag. After you click on continue, you will be provided a report which will show the webpage(s) that have the installed tracker code and other information on the system dashboard.

Step 3: The System Dashboard

The System Dashboard for Google Analytics can be found on your Google homepage. Through your dashboard, you can access most information that you would need about your web site.

Once in the system dashboard, you will be provided a list of website profiles and analytics reports of the sites you entered a Google Analytics tracking code. Information which your can access includes: 

Site Usage: This shows the amount of traffic for your website. The visits column tells you the number of visits in a given time frame.

You can also see how many pages were viewed per visit. You can also determine your web sites bounce rate, or rate that visitors leave your site for other sites.

Traffic Sources Section: This section informs you about the type of traffic you have been receiving and were it was directed from.

You can label traffics into categories like direct traffic, from search engines, referring sites, etc. Google Analytics can even provide information about your AdSense account, if needed.

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