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Link Building Using Directory Submissions

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Directory submissions are one of the best time and cost effective strategies for Search Engine Optimisation. You will find references to the effectiveness of using web directories and link building to generate traffic in numerous blogs, articles and websites.

These people are all commenting on a strategy that successful online businesses already know about and use to promote and gain exposure for their websites.

They take advantage of the quality inbound links that are complimentary to their content and help to improve the ranking of their site on the engines as well as increasing their traffic through submitting their site to quality web directories.

A quality web directory will have an actual person review the content of the websites that make directory submissions, to ensure that the sites meet the directories standards and also so that they can be placed into the most appropriate category of the directory relevant to their content.

Your site will experience an increase in traffic from its directory submission because visitors to the directory will search for sites knowing that they have been checked and are relevant to the category that the searcher is browsing.

Some advantages of the links that you receive from directory submissions are that the traffic that is directed to your site through these links is more relevant to your topic or product and thus you will experience higher conversion rates from this traffic.

Having your website listed in a quality directory will also increase its exposure to your target niche or market. Quality directory submissions will also provide your website with links that can increase its ranking in the search engines.

Search engines frequently send out spiders that crawl the directories, these spiders will find and follow your link resulting in your site being indexed in the engines.

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Having your site listed in the directories will mean that it will have increased visibility to all the major search engines which will index the new content of your site frequently and thus improve your rankings for the keywords you used in the directories.

Using your keywords in your link text will ensure that these words and phrases are seen as being relevant to your site content, thus resulting in higher rankings for searches relevant to those key words or phrases.

This will ensure that traffic that is directed to your site will also be relevant or interested in the content of your site.

Another benefit of the links that you can generate by directory submissions is that you can include your brand or company name in the text of your links which will have the effect of building awareness of your company name or brand to your target audience.

When you are contemplating commencing a campaign of directory submissions you must keep in mind the fact that there are thousands of directories of differing qualities and types available.

The poorer quality directories of course will provide you with poorer results. You should target your efforts to the higher quality directories that are well maintained and well promoted, to get the maximum results from your efforts.

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