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Reciprocal Links Are They Worth Worrying About

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Many webmasters are of the opinion that reciprocal links are worthless since Google devalued them in their algorithm.

However reciprocal links can be a valuable tool to increase traffic flow to your site regardless of their value to your Google natural search ranking.

If all you are concerned about is improving your natural search ranking then of course reciprocal links are not the factor you should be concentrating on, however by concentrating on only one factor or type of link, your link profile will look unnatural which is also a turn off for Google.

Once you build up a decent network or number of reciprocal links (just as with article marketing) you will start to notice that you are in fact generating a fair amount of traffic from them.

This traffic - which you generated independently from the major engines can result in the sales, sign ups or visitors you are aiming your site at.

Increased visitor numbers always translate - no matter how you achieve the increase, into the potential for increased monetization of your site.

The secret of generating a decent amount of traffic from reciprocal links is to generate large numbers of them. You will want to aim for hundreds rather than just tens of links from good quality sites to generate the maximum increase in traffic possible.

One of the major disadvantages of reciprocal links is that they can be time consuming; manually searching the web for link partners can take up considerable amounts of time.

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If you use a program like Arelis (or one of the similar programs available) to analyse search results for you, you can drastically reduce the amount of time you spend at this task.

Using a program to analyse your competitor's links will allow you to see which directories they have submitted their site to, which blogs they have left comments on and which forums they promote themselves on.

All of this information can be valuable for you to use to better promote your site.

Once you have sourced link partners you will need a way to check the reciprocal links, arrange them to look professional and of course a way to allow other people to swap links with you with as little input from you as possible.

One of the vest ways to achieve all this is to use directory script such as PHP link directory ( available both free or a payed version) or similar product rather than a reciprocal link manager as they have a professional look and offer far more functionality.

Using a PHP link directory you can get your site included into their directory giving you a valuable back link from a high profile site!

One of the advantages of PHP link directory is that it lets you add content to the directory; you can automatically display youtube videos that are imbedded in the directory and accept articles from anyone.

This functionality allows you to show any potential reciprocal link partners that you will place their links into a site that is content rich and will be of value to them.

If you want an alternative source of traffic to your site rather than just that generated by the search engines reciprocal links are worth the effort.

Having some variation in the forms of links you use instead of just concentrating on one form will also have benefits for your site, as your link building will look natural.

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