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Three Way Linking Explained

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Any time you research SEO or search engine optimization you will see link building constantly referred to, it is possible to build one way, two way and even three way links and no one except for Google really knows which type are the more efficient in increasing your ranking.

Google have kept this information close to their chest so no one really knows which type of link is best, however the general consensus seems to be that Three - Way Linking will have major benefits for your ranking.

Three - way linking is the newest development in link building, it involves you placing a link on your site to another (Site 2) who then places a link on their site to site 3, who in turn places a link back to your site on their site.

The major problem with this form of linking is that you must trust everyone in the link chain to do the right thing so that the links ultimately link back to your site.

Two way linking is easier to manage as you only have to trust one other person to actually place a link to your site on theirs.

Three - way linking becomes exponentially more difficult as you have to trust more people not to cheat you out of your link and ruin the entire chain.

The number of websites you have to check to ensure that the links are in place properly especially if you have established more than one three way link will be extremely time consuming; making authenticating and recording the links almost impossible to keep track of.

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The most time consuming part of establishing a three - way link will most likely be researching and contacting potential candidates for your three - way linking, as once you contact them you will most likely have to explain the benefits and practicalities of three - way linking to them.

You will have to discuss with them the importance of the trust involved in making the system work - if you can broach this subject gently without offending any of your potential candidates you will greatly increase your chances of building successful three - way links.

(It won't kill you if the chains fail, but you don't want to spend all of your time and energy setting all of this up to find out that you don't have any links pointing back to your site!)

Three - way linking is not hard to set up - it just requires a little research and good communication to explain the mutual benefits that you will all receive from the system to your potential linking candidates.

Spend some time to explain the system to the people you wish to link with and form a relationship with them to ensure that can all trust each other to form the appropriate link chain; this will reduce the chances of someone backing out or not placing the appropriate links on their site.

Three - Way linking can provide everyone in the system with benefits such as a higher ranking in the search engines.

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