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10 Ways To Get People To Your Website

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You have decided to give the internet marketing world a try and have now developed your own website.

You have checked and your website is up and working, but still you have not had any real traffic. How do you get people to come visit your website? 

This is not impossible, but it will take some work and patience in order to get your website as one that is one of the first considered.

Here are 10 ways which others have found successful in increasing traffic to there websites and we believe could work for you to increase traffic to your website. 

Provide potential visitors to your website a free subscription to your e-zine. Anyone can publish an e-zine these days, so you need to make your as unique as you can. Maybe ad a free gift or some other items if possible.

Provide your visitors with free, up-to-day and relevant content. You also need to make sure this content is original and unique, in order to bring them back again.

You can also allow visitors to use your content on their web site or e-zine, as long as they link back to your web site.

Develop and offer a free online directory which is relevant to your website. This directory can include, book, e-zines, other web sites or whatever you thing would be valuable. If your visitors feel it is valuable, they will be back again and again to use this directory.

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Provide a free ebook to visitors. It is also possible to work your own ad into the ebook, which you can allow other to distribute, thus increasing the spread of your website contact information.

Conduct free online seminars or classes. These could be in your website's chat room or other location. This is an excellent way to increase your reputation as an expert and thus traffic to your website.

Organize a contest or sweepstakes and provide your visitors with free entry. Make sure that your prizes are of value or interest to your target group. It has been found that visitors that enter contest have a higher chance of revisiting your site to find out the results.

Have free software that your visitors can download. This could be freeware, shareware or some type of demo. Free items seem to always attract additional traffic.

Provide free online services or utilities. These could be search engines, proofreading of documents or help lines. What ever the service or utility is, make sure that it will be useful for your target audience in order to be effective.

Offer free consulting to visitors. This will not only increase visitors but also your reputation as an expert in your chosen field. Free consulting is often considered a huge value to those looking for information.

Offer free membership to your online club. People love belonging to clubs or groups. Why not start an online club and bring in members.

 As your membership grows, the traffic to your website should also grow. You can also offer club member only items like newsletters or e-zines. This will make it seem more exclusive.

You should see an increase in traffic to your website if you utilize some of these methods. Good luck!

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