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3 Things To Do For Successful SEO

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Google Alerts can become a fantastic means to exploit the world's greatest and most important search engine, turning it to your online private 'secret agent'.

This way you can start thinking about search engine optimization (SEO) at a new and deeper, more remunerative level. Now please read on and have a look at some useful information that you can easily obtain (and profit from) thanks to Google Alerts:

  • You can get informed and up-to-date about your acclaimed or potential competitors

  • You can read news coming from all over the world

  • You can get the latest gossip about celebrities-related events

  • You can have access to lots of news, photos and statistics about your favorite sport

Obviously we will examine and discuss only the most useful point for your online business here, among all the ones listed, i.e. the first one: 'get informed and up-to-date about competitors'.

Think about this: Google Alerts is fast, accurate, completely free and it can work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days every year. So let Google Alerts can be really useful for you, in a quick, efficient way, and, what's more, at no cost for you.

Your 404 Page: a great resource to profit from

"Error 404: Page Not Found" . Most of webmasters are scared and terribly annoyed by these words...

But they should not, not at all! Most of these webmasters probably don't know that this page can be turned into a great business opportunity, really a big deal, considering it an extraordinary selling instrument and exploiting its power in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) marketing strategies.

How is it possible? See it yourself, read on:

First of all, in the headline you must put your main keyword, and then add a so-called "pipe" (most of the times you can find it above the enter key) and then you can add your second keyword.

To make it easier, look at this example for a SEO site "SEO | Search Engine Optimization Tips"

Provide your web content for keywords, one or two for each page : for example, if your page has no more than 250 words, you had better use only one keyword, repeating it no more than three times, and stressing it the first time in bold characters and then in italics.

Don't forget that this is not a 'working' page, its only basic function is to give your visitors some first general information about your site, involving them and stirring up their curiosity.

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Supply a simple browsing device, as a bar, for example, as explained above.

Take a great care of the styling of the customized 404 page, making it similar to your website's mode, using templates, for example.

Set up a good working link to your site's map page, get one if you haven't, and then do all you can to make it easily found on the web.

Bear in mind that your most important aim is to drive your visitors from the 404 customized page straight to your site's page, as fast as possible.

It will take you no more than five minutes to build up a custom 404 page links, and a good suggestion is to refer to Godaddy.com, for instance. Be sure, you will consider it a very well spent time.

Something you must consider very seriously : Linking 

Linking : this is the most important action you must take. It is really basic in SEO activity, most of all on Google, but on other search engines as well. 

Have a look at these five main points and be sure to follow them accurately in your SEO campaign to promote your site on Google:

Browse the web and look for the best performing sites, i.e. the sites which show the highest page rank: examine the sites linking to your site and the ones linking to your competitors' ones.

Set up a monthly link campaign and select the best and so potentially more profitable sites among the ones you have previously investigated.

Check periodically if the pages you have chosen to link on are still linking back to your site, paying attention to their page rank, it must not get lower!

Get rid of any penalized sites you find yourself linking to, immediately ! Be very scrupulous about this.

Check both the search engine ranking of your site(you can find proper sites on the web providing for this service, they are totally free to use) and your competitor's one verifying all the keywords you are using.

You'll have to repeat this procedure weekly in your SEO campaign, at least for Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista and MSN.

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