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5 More Ways To Make Your Website User Friendly

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Making simple improvements to your website is not something that needs to be expensive or time consuming, however by paying attention to just a few certain areas you will definitely be able to not only improve the user friendliness of your website, but also make it work more efficiently for you.

Here are 5 easy ways to make you're your website is more user friendly.

Test to see that all Forms Work

This may sound like something that everyone does, but it is not. If you have interactive forms or signups, make sure that they actually work.

Make sure you consider all of your target audience when create your forms so that you do not leave out anyone, such international visitors or overseas military. Note required fields with asterix. Forms that do not work will decrease visitors not increase them.

Does your shopping cart feature work?

This feature is essential for any e-commerce site, but is sometime overlooked.

Make sure that your shopping cart contains all the important information which will be needed at check-out for the customer, including product description, price, both shipping methods and costs, and any other important information.

You also need to be able to produce some kind of protected or SSL certificate for each purchaser. If the shopping experience is not a good one for visitors to your website, they most likely will not return for another try.

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Always display contact details on your web pages

All the various internet scams have made users of the internet even more and more cautious when shopping on the internet. You need to do everything you can to make visitors to your website feel safe and secure with their visit.

By consistently displaying contact information, including street address, postal address, phone number and email for your business, you can begin to build trust with your visitor.

Because you are willing to allow them to contact you through various means, they will be more likely to purchase from you than someone that is not willing to do the same.

Use simple easy to understand words

The Internet is not the place to show off how large a vocabulary you have, especially if you are trying to build a customer base for your website.

People like to find what they are looking for and move on to their next project. They are not looking to be challenged with long words or difficult wording.

Try to word products and information in the simplest and easiest to understand method.

This will assist in decreasing frustrations that visitors may feel at other sites and also not drive them from your website. Also stay away from abbreviations that might not be known to everyone in your potential target group, remember when in doubt, spell it out.

Work to make your website search engine friendly

One final consideration is to make your website search engine compatible as possible.

You can do this by as much text as possible with your keywords or phrases. Try to avoid the use of frames, flash or any other code type that could confuse a search engine spider trying to index your site.

If you use logic in the creation of your site, you will most likely succeed in this area; straightforward can also provide better results.

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