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5 Ways To Make Your Website User Friendly

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Taking action to make your website user friendly is not a time consuming, expensive and difficult process.

It basically involves factoring in some common sense approaches to your website development and the gains that you can experience from making your website user friendly will definitely be worth the extra effort that might be required.

We have reviewed many sites to see how this can be accomplished easily. Below are 5 ways that we believe you can use to successfully make your website user friendly.

Site Map

It does not matter how big or small your website is, you should always include some kind of site map.

This map should provide a link to each page on the site and a short description of what can be found on each page. One of the best advantages of a good site map is it eliminates the need to link everything through your home page.

This can allow you to make your homepage more appealing and thus the door to your website user friendly to the new visitor.

Use headings which appeal to your visitors

Think simple and straightforward when designing your website's navigation menu. It might sound cute or creative to use some fancy terms, but this is also an easy way to alienate a new visitors that might not understand what terms you are using.

Also, it can be comforting to visitors if you use "cookie crumbs", which will allow visitors to see how they got to a particular page on your web site. You can also guide visitors through a certain path on your website by using specific call-to-action link instructions.

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Regularly look out for Errors

There is nothing that will turn off new and returning visitor quicker than finding errors in link or content. If you do not continually check your site, these errors could be costing you more and more customers everyday.

If you do not have time to do this yourself, then find a service to do it for you. This is important to you want your website user friendly.

Keep the layout and page design the same

This may sound like it should be common sense to all web designers, but you would be surprised how many do not follow this rule, especially when they begin to update their sites.

You should always remember to be consistent in the general colors that you use, the same locations for business logos or menu bars and other items that are on each page.

If you do this it will assist in making the visitor feel that you know what you are doing and what you are saying. It will increase their comfort level while at your website and make your website appears more orderly and friendly.

Site Search Tool

Another easy way to make your website user friendly is to provide the visitor with a way to quickly and easily search through the website for a specific topic or product.

This is not as hard as it seem with all the software programs that can assist you in this process, some of this software can found free on the internet.

Quick and easy to set up, there really is not a much simpler and better way to start on your way to making your website user friendly.

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