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9 AdWords Mistakes Not To Make

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An AdWords Campaign is essential, necessary almost, to a Search Engine Optimization strategy. This however, should not be overdone and wise management is likewise essential.

So many have committed mistakes in managing their AdWords campaigns owing to lack of sufficient knowledge about how the Web works and about their target markets. Some pitfalls in AdWords campaigns follow:

Bidding for the No. 1 Spot

To always aim to be no. 1 is certainly a good principle, conventionally speaking, but for search engine results, this is not necessarily the best spot to be in.

Users do not usually stop at the first ad and would usually explore several links before making a decision.

At No. 1, you may only get an unqualified click as users are just starting to study and understand the market. It is widely considered that being no. 3 in paid search is one of the best (i.e., profitable) positions.

Ignoring Geography

You should first target a market that is near your own location. Potential customers are more likely to go to a business that is near their home or place of work.

Accessibility is still a major criteria for customers and in certain products and services, face-to-face interaction is still preferred. Try including your town or city in your ad and notice its effects.

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Using Broad Key Words

Using broad key words is not effective. It increases your cost-per-click (CPC) while not hitting your target market right on the spot. Go for frequently searched key words and refine your key word list to be more specific to your product and target market.

Boring Pitches

Spark up your language. Be unique and use slogans that catch attention. Make your ads stand out. Do not copy what others are already saying. Avoid using buzz words or jargon everyone else is using. Web users are usually attracted by the innovative.

Dead or Erroneous Links

Be sure to specify the correct URL in your ad. When a user clicks on your ad, he/ she should be taken to the right page for your product, not a blank page or a page that is entirely irrelevant to what is in your ad.

Be sure to test your ad before you make it "live" to make sure that it is working and directs users to your desired page.

Afterwards, you can also do this test once in a while to make sure that your links are still working properly. Otherwise you waste your money and get users frustrated as well.

Directing Users To The Home Page

Users would like to be immediately taken to what they want. When they clicked on your ad, their interest has been aroused and would like to see immediately what is advertised.

They get frustrated when they are presented with too many intros and could not find what they are looking for. You can bypass the home page and take them directly to the relevant product page.

Not Using Keywords in the ad text

Use your key words in the ad title and description. Be careful, however, that by doing so, you do not make the ad meaningless and confuse ad readers.

Your ad should be concise but clear in your meaning. Readers need to understand exactly and quickly what the ad is about.

Not Monitoring Results

Not monitoring your ad results is equivalent to just letting your money go down the drain. You can use Google Analytics to monitor your ad's performance.

It helps to determine the performance of your key words so you can revise them or delete those which are not performing as desired. You are then able to manage your investments wisely.

Bidding The Same For Search and Content Network

Set different bids and parameters for the content network. Putting this as the same in the search network will result to much higher cost than expected.

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