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If you are an owner or an administrator of a web site, one of your goals is to get traffic, i.e., get people to view or visit your web site.

One very effective way of achieving this is to appear on the first page of search engine results, if not appear at the topmost of the list.

Thus it has been every web designer's and web administrator's challenge to achieve a high ranking in search results for their web sites. Below are very simple yet practically unknown SEO tools that can help you improve your web site's ranking.

Text Instead of Graphics in Headlines

Some web designers use graphics or images instead of text in the headers, perhaps thinking that this would make the web site stand out.

While it does enhance the look of a page, from an SEO perspective however, this is not a good practice. Search engines look for and perceive text.

Even if your image contains text in it, the search engine would not be able to read it as such.

Thus you should avoid using graphics and instead use simple text on your Headlines. Text in Headlines, the Page Body, the Footers and Filename help search engines perceive what your web site is about.

You could still make your web site attractive by placing carefully selected graphics and images within the body of the page.

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Place Text in the Page Body

People go to the web to look for information that is of specific interest to them.

The Page Body is where you provide information about you, your company and your product. People can decide whether you or your products could respond to their needs by reading text in the Page Body.

You should be able to explain in your web site the benefits of your products and how it can help your readers or potential clients. Good web sites usually make every effort to inform and educate their visitors.

If this entails writing a few paragraphs or a few pages of text, then do so and place these texts on your web site.

Key Words and Phrases On Title Tags

Title Tags are very useful and powerful tools to get your web site on a search engine's radar. They are like codes or a language that is easily understood by search engines.

It is perfectly alright to want to use several key words or phrases that are applicable to your web site and at the same time, want your web site to rank high in all of those.

However, it is not advisable to use all or several key words simultaneously in one title tag.

One way to unleash the title tag's power and optimize your site's performance is to create several pages in your web site and assign a key word or key phrase to each page. You can then write each page in a way that would focus on a specific key word or phrase.

No Brand Or Company Names On Title Tags

The Title Tags' primary task is to get your web site noticed, particularly, by search engines. You can optimize your Title Tag's power by not cluttering it with unnecessary words or phrases.

The first word in the Title Tag is the most important for search engines perceive it first.

Unless your web site carries a widely recognized brand or represents a well known corporation, avoid using brand or corporate names in the title tag which may confuse search engines.

People would enter generic words such as "widget" in search bars instead of "XYZ widget".

Reserve using your corporate name or brand name at the top of pages or in the body of your web page, which still serves the purpose of creating awareness of your brands or trade marks.

Use Key Words On File Names

Google or any other search engine would display results wherever or whenever the key word shows up, whether it is in a URL name, a text within the page, or a file name.

Thus the more you make use of the key words not only in the page text but in all other files linked to your web site, the more there will be opportunities for your web site to be displayed.

This also increases the chances of your web site being ranked high in search results.

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