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Article Marketing: Why It Does Not Always Work?

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When you research article marketing and article marketing techniques you will find many people who have dismissed this form of marketing as completely ineffective.

Unfortunately these are the people who have either made common mistakes with their marketing campaign and achieved poor results, or those people that have read reviews written by such people and have assumed that if one person failed there is no merit to the whole system.

There are two main areas in which people make mistakes in article marketing, which leads to their not achieving the results they are aiming for:

Understanding the Objectives of Your Article Marketing Campaign

There are several different results that can be obtained from marketing articles online.

To achieve the optimum results from your marketing campaign you have to firmly understand the desired objectives of your campaign and market the articles appropriately.

The primary objective most people want to achieve from their article marketing campaign is to build traffic numbers from it directly. This can be achieved by submitting the article to popular article directories that have a lot of traffic themselves.

Another direct objective of an article marketed in this way is to build a favourable image of your website or product in the mind of your readers; a well written informative article will establish the author (the web site owner) as an expert in the topic of the article.

The other popular objective many people have in mind from article marketing is link building.

Link building can benefit your business in two ways. Firstly if you can get a link to your article from a site with a high ranking in the search engines your site will also climb in the rankings.

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(The fastest way for a new site to be indexed by a search engine such as Google is to obtain a link from a high ranking site that has a similar theme or topic to yours.)

The second advantage of link building is to encourage and build several one way links pointing to your article (and your website) from third parties - the number of links to your site will also have an effect on your search engine ranking.

Articles that are aimed at this strategy are called link bait articles. 

Matching your Marketing Strategy to Your Objectives

For each of the objectives outlined above differing marketing strategies need to be implemented, and different skills will have to be used.

Most people who fail at article marketing did so because they did not understand the requirements necessary to succeed in this form of marketing.

The first skill necessary for this sort of marketing campaign to succeed is good search engine optimisation (or SEO) skills. The better an article is optimised the better the numbers of links that will be generated.

If you want to create a successful link baiting article it will not be enough to simply submit it to high traffic article directories; you will need to promote it as much as possible.

Effective marketing of your article on social networking sites will be essential to ensuring maximum exposure. The second (and many argue the most important) skill you will need to successfully market your articles is the ability to write effective, catchy headlines.

Your headline or article title will have a direct influence upon the amount of people who will choose to read it.

Remember there are literally hundreds of articles that your target audience can choose to read - your headline needs to make your article stand out from the crowd!

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