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Article Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make

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Article marketing has been a powerful advertising tool in the internet today.

It sounds easy knowing you can write about any topic related to your business or website and submit it for free along with your contact information and website address to many article directories in the internet.

Article directories are internet sites which accept and post articles submitted by anybody for free.

In these sites, readers have access to your articles for free and once their interests are piqued, they are just a click away to your website. This is very helpful in generating traffic.

It will help to note that there are guidelines in writing your articles so you can avoid pitfalls and wasted energy along the way. You might even find out that you will enjoy a career in article marketing.

Before you start typing away your article, it will be advisable to take a few moments first to choose the article directory where you want to submit your article to.

Check out their specific terms of service and guidelines. Once you understand the specified guidelines, you will know beforehand what you need to avoid and what you are required to do in writing your article.

Your job will go smoothly. Be careful in submitting your articles so it will not be mistaken as spam. This usually happens when you submit in bulk within a 24 hour period.

Some writers have experienced that their works were deleted. There is software which detects bulk submissions and automatically deletes the articles treating them as spam.

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This is the article directory software. In article marketing, the topic and the content is not the only main concern of the writer.

The importance of spelling, sentence structure, grammar and punctuation must not be taken for granted. Series of mistakes along these lines is annoying and distracting to readers.

Your article will lose the attraction therefore will also lose the chance of getting published. So do proofread your articles and run spell checks all the time just to make sure that you have covered everything.

Don't make the mistake of believing that these errors are insignificant. Your product must exhibit fine quality work. Readers - website owners and bloggers - will recognize your skill and seriousness in writing your articles.

You will build a reputation of being talented and proficient and you can write with authority. This will give you a very good chance of enjoying success in article marketing by getting your work published and posted in other websites.

This will mean wider reach for your advertising tool which can generate visitors to your website.

There are a lot of PLR (private label rights) articles which you can rewrite and claim as your own. But there are also so many people doing this that article directories can now detect them and subject them for deletion. So your efforts will just go to waste.

You may also check out the directory's resource box and you may find tools you can use that will be advantageous to you.

For example, you might find out that there is no need to add your URL if you can create hyperlinks in your resource box if the directory allows it. However, the number of links is limited.

Directories also have conditions regarding affiliate programs. There are directories which allow direct links to affiliate programs but some don't.

The way to go around this is to include in your article a reference to your website where you have the links to your affiliate programs.

Directories can also detect when the article you have posted is not related to the link you have provided along with it.

For example, you rewrote a PLR article on gardening and submitted it with a link to your website which sells health supplements. The topic and the products are not related. Your work can be deleted for this.

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