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Articles Marketing Does It Really Work?

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There is so much written about the effectiveness of article marketing; it looks so simple as almost anyone can write and publish an article online.

This is the problem, and why article marketing gets bad reviews - people rush in and publish as many articles as humanly possible without really understanding what they are doing!

This problem is further complicated by the fact that the major search engines constantly change their algorithms to deal with cheaters.

So what you knew was an effective SEO and/or article marketing strategy only last month may be completely useless to your efforts today.

Is There Evidence that Article Marketing Really Works?

Yes, there is tons of evidence to prove that articles are an effective way of marketing on the internet.

A short search will provide you with plenty of evidence to support this fact. (I will leave this to you so that you know the evidence you found is independent.)

To add to this point articles are what the internet is made of (aren't all websites really just a collection of articles?), and articles are what the search engines are designed to find! So article marketing when done properly must work!

The Common Mistakes Made in Article Marketing

The first mistake people make is to post their articles to sites that receive little real traffic. Many article directories actually receive very little traffic from people wanting to read the articles - the bulk of their traffic is from people posting their content!

These directories will also not have a very high page ranking in the engines; this means that your article has almost no chance of appearing near the top of any search page, and you will receive very little traffic from the link.

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One highly effective strategy to ensure success with article marketing is to submit your article to one highly ranked directory, if your article is interesting and has appealing and appropriate content it will be re-posted and linked to by many other sites.

So you will build your links and have your article distributed through the web without having to manually submit it to hundreds of different article directories.

Many article directories are concerned about duplicate content (especially as they have come to the attention of the spammers) so it is not recommended that you repost your web site content as an article on the directories.

The solution and a much better option, is to write and submit numerous articles to the high traffic directories advertising the article or information on your website.

The Importance of Keywords to Article Marketing

Your article can have the best content of any on the subject; you could have posted it to all the highest traffic directories and still not be achieving satisfactory results because you have not used keywords and phrases effectively!

Your keywords must be as relevant to the content of the article as possible. You must keep in mind what words people will actually use to search for the content or information you are providing.

Try to use keywords that are as popular and appropriate as possible. Identify your niche or target market and design your content and your keywords for this target audience.

If you apply the right strategies - use appropriate keywords, submit your articles to high traffic directories, provide quality content etc then you will be able to prove that article marketing really does work and is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available.

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