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Back Linking For Success

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Getting visitors to a web site, not many people know, is a really tough and challenging task.

For those who have already discovered how to do it, it is a piece of cake yet is still a strategy one must continuously re-visit and refine. Otherwise one's spot may suddenly just be taken away.

It is agreed by many that if your web site does not make it to the first two pages of search results, then your web site will not likely be clicked and viewed by visitors.

Thus it is a web site administrator's goal to get his/her web site into the first two pages or the top 20 of search engine results.

Creating back links is one proven method of improving a web site's position in search engine listings. Back linking means getting other web sites to include a hyperlink in their content that links back to your web site.

Following are some common methods of creating back links.

Requesting Other Webmasters

It pays to do some research first before requesting another web master to create a back link to your web site. First, the other web site's content should be related to your web site's content.

If your web site is selling computer accessories, you would get very limited mileage (or perhaps none at all) if you were to get a link from a religious organization's web site.

Before making a request, it would be useful to ask yourself "why would I link to this web site" and "what benefits would I get". Second, you also need to look at the other web site's position in search engine results.

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A back link from a web site with a good ranking means a good score (or "vote") to your site.

The higher the ranking of the other web site that links to you, the higher your web site's score will be. This would help your web site earn a higher ranking in the next search results.

As you are able to get back links to more of these sites, the better your search engine ranking will get in time. One flaw of this campaign is that it requires a lot of time and effort and yet the success rate is very low at 2-5%, according to studies.

A lot of things are beyond your control. Most of the time, a reciprocal link will be asked from you by the other web site owner and you need to consider whether you would likewise allow their links to be included in your web site.

Before you even get to this point, however, you will have to spend time researching and creating your pitch, then contacting web site masters one-by-one.

After this, there is the agony of waiting for a response, that is, if you are lucky enough for them even to notice your request.

Such requests are often ignored since some web masters are not open to back linking because it would just take visitors away from their site or some just do not want to spend the time.

On the other hand, if you are willing to pay, you may be able to increase the pay off, as there are some who do this for a fee.

Listing In Directories

Listing in directories is another proven method of building back links. There are those that offer directory listings for free and there are those who charge a fee for this service.

You can take your pick but again, accessing, registering and listing your web site in directories is very time-consuming.

If you don't mind this, then this could be a cheap, effective and efficient way of getting your back links. The time and effort spent has immediate pay off since everything is under your control.

You can immediately get your back link without waiting for consent or response from another party. Yahoo Directory and DMOZ.com are some of the more popular directory listings you can explore.

Back Linking Through Articles

Still not widely used by many but slowly gaining popularity, article writing is a very effective way of building back links to a web site.

Articles that are carefully written with related content and links to your site and are strategically placed in popular, high-ranking article web sites are cheap yet very effective tools in increasing visits to your web site and improving your web site's search engine ranking.

Compared to the previously discussed two campaigns, the time and effort required could be the same but the payoff using this strategy is definitely higher.

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