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Effective Marketing Of Articles And Press Releases

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Definition of Effective Distribution

When talking about article marketing and press releases online many people use the phrase "distribution", you have to be a little careful using this term online.

In the "real world" distributing marketing materials generally means to provide or deliver your item to as many people as possible - whether or not they asked for it. On the internet the random or bulk distribution of anything is referred to as SPAM.

Any webmaster or internet marketer will not have anything to do with SPAM as they know distributing SPAM will have a serious detrimental effect on both their business and its reputation.

If you wish to distribute anything by email you must ensure you have the permission of the recipients - they must have "opted in" to your article marketing campaign. Ensure that all of the recipients have opted in, or you run the risk of being labelled a Spammer.

If you wish to advertise by using press releases or promotional articles you have to carefully consider the content of the article and its relevance to the particular website where you are posting it.

For example it would not be a wise decision to post an article discussing the value of meat in one's diet on a Vegetarian site.

Keeping the above point in mind about relevance, you want to ensure that your article receives as much exposure as possible. The exposure we are talking about is linking, you want people to discuss your article on their site and post a link to it.

The example of an article promoting the value of meat to a person's diet may be perfect for a butcher to talk about and link to for example.

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Accumulating a collection of links is the most effective way to market anything on the net. The terms "distribution" and "links" really should be almost synonymous when you think of your article marketing campaign.

Social Networking Sites are a Valuable Tool for Article Marketing and Distribution

Social networking sites are one of the fastest growing areas of the internet; these sites such as My Space and Digg have fantastic amounts of traffic daily.

Social networking sites are a fantastic way to contact your target audience; they are the perfect place to draw attention to your article or press release and ensure exposure to the largest audience possible.

To draw attention to your article all you will need to do is to find a way to bring it up in a discussion.

You can do this by starting your own blog post, or better still find other peoples blogs that are relevant to your topic and post a comment on them mentioning the article in question.

When you first venture into article marketing and distribution on social networking sites spend some time researching them and looking at other peoples distribution campaigns to see what does and does not work.

Once you have successfully understood how best to distribute your copy through this medium you will see a fantastic positive impact on the distribution of your articles or press releases.

The Importance of Headlines

The importance of the headline to any internet based copy (even your website) cannot be understated. It will be the single most important factor in ensuring your article marketing campaign has the best chance of success.

You only have 7 seconds to capture a potential reader's attention before they hit the back button and leave your page!

Unlike a newspaper or other real world headline the reader will not see it laying around and decide to read it later - they may never visit your page again!

You may have to spend more time deciding on the headline or title or your article than you actually spent writing the copy.

Even if your article is the best ever written on the subject without a catchy and appealing headline you will never achieve the distribution you want.

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