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Email Marketing: A Less Expensive Technique

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Email marketing is considered far more successful in comparison to other methods such as internet marketing.

This is so as it helps in attracting the right people to the website and helps to keep in touch with them. It also helps in making your customers and potential customers know more about special offers being provided and to get invites.

Email marketing will involve building up an email similar to a newsletter or an announcement and then forwarding it to customers and potential customers.

But, it is not any email just sent out to anybody and everybody. There is a right way to go about it. Here are some guidelines that will ensure that your email marketing campaign is as successful as you want it to be.

Email marketing is not Spam

While undertaking an effort towards email marketing, you should bear in mind that the receiver should be benefited with the information provided and should not consider the mail as spam.

Make your Title attractive

Your title to the email should be very attractive with a catchy phrase, capitalizing every letter, using text symbols where appropriate.

You can use questions or a touch of irony in your titles that will kindle the fire of curiosity in the customer to open the mail. Also, it is important to avoid the usage of the word "FREE" and to avoid making tall claims.

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Make Genuine Offers

While it is important to attract the customers, it is not right to do so by making false claims. Keep the information within the body of the email true and appropriate.

At any cost, do not lie about anything to just lure the customer. It will backfire at some point of time or the other.

Do not go overboard

While it is essential to entice the customer into trying your product or service, it is essential to know your limitations. Do not go over the limits in offering discount to the customers by providing it below your working costs.

This will not only be a loss to you in terms of money but also in the time and effort you put in.

Provide ample information but keep it short

You need to include the right kind of information while keeping it short. This will ensure that you are conveying everything that you need to while retaining the interest of the customer.

If your emails require a reply from the customer's side, try to keep the customer in track by sending in repeated emails all the while remembering not to bombard the customer with daily emails but in well thought of intervals to keep the customer interested who will then respond to your email.

Send out useful information

You can ask your customers to sign up for special newsletters and information from time to time.

This is a good way to keep the customer informed and retain them with you. whatever information is being sent should again be apt, simple and easy to read so that is serves the purpose and is read through.

Using these guidelines, you can definitely plan a good email marketing campaign which will work wonders in achieving your objectives of success.

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