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How Link Bait Can Help You

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Three are the main principles that you must keep in mind when building up your link bait campaign, the three means that it will use to attract visitors to your site: knowledge, interest or anger.

Link bait marketing activity aims to boost the high-quality linking to your website, and it does it creating some buzz about the articles you can find in your site, informing, entertaining or even firing your audience, making visitors to comment and so to back-link to your articles, and to your site.

The objective of link bait articles is to attract visitors to your website, of course, and to be able to do so, the content of your articles can be divided into two categories: an interesting, useful, informative and reliable content, always related to your business' field, supplied by an expert and authoritative source, or a lively subject that could lead to dispute, to an animated discussion, rousing your visitors' feeling and arousing their interest.

Here are some useful tips about how a good article should be:


Your web content must inform and educate your audience, so that your visitors keep it in mind as a useful source for future reference. For example, see Copyblogger and Problogger, examine them carefully and take some inspiration.


Keep your content up-to-date. Offer breaking news in small doses, from all over the world, to catch the attention of the visitors who want to be always aware of what's on.

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This is always a winning choice: make your visitors smile, and they will be happy and grateful to come back to you. You can use jokes, amusing videos or pictures or cartoons: your visitors will love this all and you will increase your traffic.


Stir up discussions. Be harshly critical towards any subject and people would love disputing with you and debate to state that you are wrong. Rant and raves always catch the attention.

Be hard and unpopular and they will spend some time on your site to blame you and to make their point of view the winning one. If you are able to manage this game, internet users will go on blaming you and your contents on their websites ... linking back to yours!! 


A resource list can be a turning point in your link bait campaign.

You must build up your resource page very carefully, you have to do your best, because it will be one of the most important pages of your website one of those which will make your visitors come back and probably refer their contacts to your website.

A good and really useful resource page will make you and your site useful and reliable, a trustworthy source in the field you deal with. Bear this in mind: a resource page can become a golden page, don't waste this opportunity in your link bait.

All things considered, one is the point that you have to keep in mind whit a link bait campaign: the contents. It must arouse interest, it must be practical and amusing.

Set it up with accuracy, according to SEO principles, and convey it both in a professional and friendly way. Then, let your visitors express their opinion about it, and, you'll see, traffic will come.

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