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How To Get Better Google Ranking

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Google is without any exception the most widely known and used search engine in the world but those using the internet. Google utilizes a ranking system in which it provides feedback to those searching its software.

One of the best ways to get notices on the Internet is to have a high Google ranking, thereby coming up high on the list of results.

But how do you raise your Google ranking to get seen by more potential customers. One way to raise your Google ranking is to improve your link popularity.

However, before your can accomplish this, you need to understand how link popularity is measured and how it can effect your Google ranking.

Link popularity is basically the number of other sites which link back to your site. Websites can have anywhere from just a few links to thousands or even millions of link back to them.

The Google rankings take this link popularity as a measure of how important other web sites view the information on your site.

The Google rankings also factor in the relevance of the link between both web sites.

With this additional factor, it is possible to get a higher position in the Google rankings by having a small number of high quality links in comparison to a web site that has a large number of basically irrelevant or insignificant web links.

Now since it is not just the number but also the quality of the links that affects your Google ranking.

We would strongly recommend that you stay away from link farms and Free For All (FFA) pages, since these will not help your Google ranking and in some cases could even get your site removed from the search engine listing all together.

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For those that are not familiar, link farms are sites which allow instant exchanges of links with others on the directory; these are just blind exchange without any regard for content of either site. FFA pages are just links to pointless directories.

Your Google ranking is also affected by the keywords which you use in registering your web site. A higher Google ranking is achieved by acquiring links to web sites and web pages which have the same or similar content as related to your keywords.

An even higher Google ranking can be achieved by linking your web site to pages or sites which contain anchor text that matches one or more of the keywords which is used to describe your site.

This use of keywords in the Google ranking again shows the importance of being careful when selecting the keyword you intend to use when registering your web site.

If you are careful, you can significantly help your ranking; if you are careless, you can hurt your Google rankings.

Finally, Google will also factor into your link popularity score the diversity of the keywords used by sites linking to your web site. If there is a close focus, this will assist your score; if they are random this may not help your score.

While it is not easy to increase your link score, however there are steps that you can take to stop yourself from hurting your score by managing your links. Your Google rankings could depend on this.

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