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Increase Landing Page Outcomes Use Page Relevancy

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Your landing page is one of the most overlooked however most important part of your advertising campaign and your business in general.

Many new business owners will get caught up in the process of setting up the business developing the campaign, computing bid prices, building links and trying to optimizing ads.

However all this work may be of no use if your landing page is not well constructed or performing well. Your landing page is your store front, it is what will convert those that are just browsing through pages into actual customers for your web site.

Page Relevancy

Your landing page should contain relevant information which will make your visitor want to learn more about your web site.

It needs to be the link between your ad or other source which brought the visitor to your web site and the actual purchase which you hope they will make.

By getting the visitor to your landing page, you know they have interest now this is your first and maybe only chance to keep them interested in your site.

Linking Ads

Your landing page is your link between your ad and your products. You need to make sure that whatever was in your ad which brought your visitor to your website, is also contained in your landing page.

This continuity of information will assist in building confidence in your visitor that they are in the correct location for what they are seeking. The more confidence the visitor has, the better chance they will continue with their visit.

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Users Needs

You should remember that your visitor whether new or a returning one has a certain need which is what brought them to your web site. It could be they were seeking information that you might have or perhaps a product that you are offering.

Depending on how your visitor got to your site, can give you clues as to what they are seeking.

If they came through an ad for a product, then information on the product would be important. If it was a link from a newsletter, perhaps more information is what they are seeking.

No matter what they are looking for your landing page has to be prepared to provide them the next step clearly so that they will continue their journey on your web site, hopefully ending with a purchase of a product or service from you.

Your Keywords

Keywords are as important on your landing page as they are throughout your web site. They need to be in careful locations which will build confidence from the visitor in your web site and that it will meet there needs.

While keywords are what search pages look for when developing search results, keywords can do the same for visitors to your web site in building confidence that they have come to the right location to meet their needs.


This is how you increase your customer base by getting larger exposure to more people. Advertising, in most cases, is the first contact you will have with these people.

If your first impression is positive, it could result in a sale or a return customer; if it is negative, you may have lost them forever. Make sure your advertising is complete and well thought out.

If you can accomplish this, you will find a better return on your investment and more profits for your business.

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