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Internet Marketing Using Web 2.0

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The Social Networking Revolution in Web 2.0

There is a real revolution on the internet currently and this is due to Web 2.0. this traverses all ages and genders and is not limited to college students. The following statistics are an indication of this fact:

Of all the visitors to MySpace.com:

83% are earning in excess of $30,000 per annum.

62% are above the age of 25 years (40% of whom are over 35 years).

19% earn more than $100,000 per annum.

On Facebook.com:

34% of the visitors are over 35 years.

46% are above the age of 25.

23% earn over $100,000 per year.

88% of all the visitors earn over $30,000 per year.

It is predicted that these number will become even more absurd in years to come. The following statistics show what the trend will be like in future:

Facebook, which is one of the largest social networking sites is adding new subscribers at the rate of 1 million users over the age of 25 every month. This translates to an overall figure of 52 million per year.

YouTube.com registers as many as 50 million unique visitors every month. This translates to more than 500 million annually.

The daily traffic at Google is also evident at Facebook and MySpace. According to experts, their figures will double that of Google within the next year.

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All this means for you is that, there is a large amount of traffic available. These visitors will also have the spending power. It is therefore time to create a presence among these sites.

However, you need to question whether people can find your site.

It is a daunting task for you as an entrepreneur to make your website prominent among the more than 435 million websites on the internet and over 1 million blogs.

Marketers will be quickly dismissed by the public. Internet users are not in search of marketing, ads or a "pitch" but rather for good quality information. You can solve this problem by becoming a social media "Maven".

This term is derived form the "Attention Age Doctrine" by Schefren and refers to an authority on social media websites who is trusted. People will frequently return to you in search of advice once they start trusting you.

The following 5 steps explain how you can become a Social Media Maven.

Start Immediately

Set up your blog and start blogging. Post videos on YouTube, Facebook and MySpace outlining how you can solve a particular problem. The videos should contain links back to your website. 

These 2 actions will increase your presence by more than 90% of that enjoyed by your competitors.

Base your content on topics that you're passionate about

Your websites should have content that you are passionate about.

Controversy sells

People who challenge the status quo are more memorable than those who are conventional. This is the driving factor behind sale of tabloids and local news outlets.

Post Very High Quality Content

As long as the information you provide is very high quality, you will regularly receive repeat traffic to yourself. Inform rather than advertise.


Prior to broadcasting your information, listen and observe the happenings around various communities. This will increase the profits of your internet business.

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