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Online Article Marketing Basics

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There are several tips and strategies that successful webmasters use to get the best benefit from their online article marketing strategy.

This article will discuss the strategies used by successful online article marketers so you can ensure that you too are getting the maximum results from your article marketing campaign.

The first tip is to keep comprehensive records of the effectiveness of your article marketing campaign.

The most effective way to do this is to design a spreadsheet detailing which directories you have submitted particular articles to and the amount of traffic generated by the links on each of these directories.

When submitting your articles to directories and other web sites you should try to ensure that these directories and sites have a ranking on search engines or are considered as leading or authority sites by the search engines.

If you install the Google tool bar and search for a specific directory you will be able to see how many pages they have listed as well as their page rank.

This will be listed in a 0 -10 scale, 10 being the highest ranking. Links from high ranking websites back to your site will positively affect the ranking of your own site, and you will soon start to see your ranking rise.

For an effective article marketing campaign you should ensure that the content of your articles is informative, educational and interesting.

You are aiming to produce an article that many people will choose to read; one way to do this is to try and identify a problem and write an article documenting a solution for the problem.

You also should write several articles on every subject in an attempt to establish yourself as an expert on the topic - if you can establish a reputation for being knowledgeable about the subject you will attract more readers.

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Another strategy that effective article marketers use when writing their content is to identify the target audience and use appropriate language and an appropriate writing style for this audience.

A popular and effective approach is to write in a friendly and conversational style; give your audience the feeling that you are explaining the topic to them as you would to a friend not lecturing them or preaching to them.

To save time and establish an article marketing campaign quickly experienced marketers and webmasters often use distribution services that submit their articles to large numbers of websites including article directories, blogs, groups and other social networking sites.

It is highly recommended that you research these services before committing to use one, as quality and price do vary. An eye catching headline and informative or intriguing content are a must for a successful article marketing campaign.

You need to ensure that your readers will continue to read the article to the bottom of the page where the resource box will be placed.

The resource box is where your contact information and links will be displayed; if you cannot hold a reader's attention they will not see this vital information.

When designing your content make sure the article is laid out in a reader friendly manner. Do not use big paragraphs or overly long sentences. Try to use numbered points or bullets to keep the reader's attention and highlight the main points.

Sub headings are also useful to highlight points and also break up paragraphs. Using bullets, numbers or subheadings will also break up the text and make it visually more interesting.

Quality articles are in huge demand as many people have trouble expressing themselves effectively in writing.

If you find that your articles are popular with readers you may want to think about publishing a collection of articles you have written on a specific topic as an eBook.

This eBook can either be sold, or given away as a promotional tool to publicise your website or affiliate program.

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