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Give Away A Free Report And Get Tons Of Traffic

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If someone asks you what is a free report, your answer would be any counselling, guidance or advice given to you free on a particular issue; subject or product is a free report. Broadly speaking yes, it is the definition of a free report.

But now a days in the information technology world, e-books or information booklets mostly available in PDF formats on the web sites that can be downloaded free of cost are called free reports.

True, they are an effective tool of information that can influence a visitor, a buyer or a web surfer in opting for a particular product or service.

The contents of the free report are valuable. A normal report may be 8 to 25 pages with some or many illustrations or pictures and are written tightly on a specific product or service.

They are concise and have easy to understand format. Usefulness of the giveaway is in several ways.

The most popular of all is increasing your database for sending free newsletters or reports to the subscribers who can go through them at their leisure and in their free time.

Earlier, subscribers used to crib because sizes of email boxes used to be very small. But now various free email providers offer huge sized mailboxes thus giving credence to free supply of newsletters and free reports.

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And no one resents also. Some, however, use filters to avoid unnecessary mail in their boxes. In case of free reports they are sent only when someone has subscribed for it.

Set up an auto responder, so that the moment the first message is delivered to your client or intended audience, he feels that he has received a special report, as promised.

This makes the customer feel happy and valuable, and adds a member to your loyal list. He would then continue to follow the information and tips and start looking for special offers.

Creating a report is easy which can be in PDF format or as a Word file. Once you have generated the copy, then you can look for free converters that can make it available in different formats. There are paid services for conversion available.

Normally ghost writers or freelance writers are engaged to prepare the report on the given broad lines. They normally do a good job and try to put each and every feature in it highlighting the salient points.

To make it effective and catchy, add special offers, discounts and add on features. A free report can be used to generate traffic by links in its body. With an affiliate program available to you, you can supplement it with information-packed report.

Then your affiliates can be permitted to brand it with their own affiliate links connected to your program. This way they would be transmitting your report all over various networks.

And there is no substitute for a free report for promoting your product or service on the web.

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