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Online Marketing Beyond SEO

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Both SEO and keyword targeting have the function of taking visitors to your website, which needs to be optimized by some accurate web design techniques.

Your aim is to make your site more and more important according to the most popular search engines.

This is the case of Ebay, for example: all of you certainly know this site well, you can find it listed in search engines' page results before and more than many other sites because they decided by that it was more popular within the web community.

So, let's try to learn from Ebay: what has it done to become so popular ? In other words, what is Ebay online marketing strategy? Search engines consider a site as "popular" when lots of other websites link to it.

When search engines, and here we refer to the three most important ones, put up their ranking system, one of the several aspects they consider is how many websites do link to you.

So, one of the aims that a good online marketing strategy must pursue is making as many sites as possible link to yours. But be careful! You will find lots of unadvisable ways of 'linking' on the net, you must absolutely avoid them. They are, for example:

Websites where "linking" is the only or the primary action

Websites conveying illegal or improper content.

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Websites which are completely unrelated to your business' field and market.

Websites which haven't a real content, but simply link to other sites, are not the great opportunity they seem to be, because their lack of content make them not appreciated by search engines.

And basic online marketing strategies teach us that if search engines don't appreciate the, you must not too. You must aim to high quality links, not just to how many of them you can gain.

Here you can find three inexpensive ideas to increase your link popularity:

Ezine articles

Ezines (a short form for 'e-magazines') have two great advantages. The most important one is that they will let you post a link to your site in your article or in their resource area. What's more, they will give you the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise in your field.

Field related forums

Another free option for promoting your website, very popular in online marketing, is taking part in forums ' discussion.

Of course, instead of spending money, you will have to spend some time on it, selecting the right forums to join, i.e. the best and top-ranked ones among the ones belonging to your business' field.

Link and banner exchange

In your online marketing activity you will find two different options for obtaining a text link or a banner on another website: making an exchange, i.e. hosting another website's link or banner on your site, or paying a hosting fee.

Of course, you have to choose among the websites that belong to your same business' field. A good suggestion for choosing the best ones is to compare their page rank, of course.

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