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SEO For Small Business

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As the goal of every small business with internet presence is to attract as many visitors to its web site as it can, there are many strategies that can be adopted to achieve this. One effective way is the use of search engines to generate traffic to a web site.

To maximize the use of search engines, there are so-called SEO strategies, which aim to optimize the power of search engines to a web site's advantage.

Since these techniques are targeted to a ready and interested audience, conversions are usually higher than most other strategies.

People have demonstrated an interest in a product which a web site may be selling by "searching" for it, thus a web site owner or administrator need only strive to make his web site the first to be clicked by the individual.

There are rules and techniques one can follow to make an effective SEO campaign.

Use of Key Words

Content, that is, text content, is very important and is acknowledged by many experts, as extremely valuable in the wide world of the web.

This is especially true if one is to do business on the internet or simply wants to reach as wide an audience as possible.

In this case, text is more important than graphics, pictures or videos since search engines recognize and understand text content in web pages. The others are not recognized, not understood and considered as irrelevant by search engines.

Key words are words or phrases that are relevant to a web site and are believed to be the most likely words or phrases people may use in searching the internet for that web site's or similar products.

Key words should be used strategically throughout a web site to achieve the objective of making it to the top in search engine results.

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Key Word Frequency

There is no general rule as to the frequency or the number of times a key word should appear in a web page.

Different search engines interpret this differently and there is no strategy that fits all. However, it is useful to be aware of some pitfalls and following are some suggestions that may help.

Key words should be placed close to the top of a web page as much as possible. Web sites that have its key words in the heading, the title or on the first few lines of the page are usually ranked higher by most search engines.

The Headline tag should contain the key word. Search engines usually search the Headline tag for the web site's subject.

One should avoid overuse of a key word within the body of the page as some search engines may see is as "spamming" or "keyword stuffing" and may penalize or ban a web site for this.

A 5% key word density or below is normally advised. This means that a key word will appear 5 times in every 100 words.

It is so that key words should appear in a web site's content just enough for search engines to look at a web site as good resource and thus include the site in its list.

If your site has too much or excessive key word density, your site may be penalized, as previously mentioned.

Many search engines are also able to perceive variations of a particular keyword. Thus one can use these variations of a key word and achieve the same objective.

Key words can be used to link to another page. This means that any hyperlinks (whether outbound or inbound) can be named using a key word or phrase. This is one way of adding keywords subtly to a web page.

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