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SEO Copy: How To Write One

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Search engine are the most common way people today search for information on the internet. You can hear about different search engines where ever you see people discussing topic.

Common statements like "google it" or "search the net for an answer" are very common now.

With search engines being such an influence on the internet, internet businesses must make sure all their ads are search engine optimized (SEO). What this mean is that they have the best chance to come out high on a search for the keywords.

Now how do create SEO ads, articles and web sites? Are great SEO writers worth the extra expense or can you do it yourself? With the information here we hope you can make the correct decision for your business.

Originally, search engines based their searches on keywords and how they were contained in the items being search.

Now to combat just lists of keywords which did not make sense, Google developed a process called natural text algorithms (NTA). NTA identifies web pages that were written for actual content from those written to score high on search engines.

One's that were only written for search engines are then penalized and either lowered on ranking or eliminated all together.

At first these NTA's were not extremely effective, but now they are capable of interpreting information as well as most people, making it even more important that your information have a consistent flow.

Here are 5 steps that should help you create high level SEO products and thus increase your web traffic and hopefully sales.

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The first step in developing solid ads is to list out your top three to fine keywords in the order of importance. They should establish the character of your product or web site and reach out to your target audience.

Next, try working with a friend or colleague to fully and completely describe your web site or your product. Make sure you listen closely to their comments and questions; these are most likely the same one's that possible visitors might have.

Now take both the information you told your friend and the comments your friend had and write them down in complete detail.

The wording does not need to be grammatically correct, but all the thoughts should be captured. This is your first draft of information and should help you speak directly to your potential customer and to clear any potential problems with the NTAs.

This is where the keyword list begins to work for you. You should start editing your information to improve the grammatical properties and also work in your keywords.

You should try to get your most important keyword into the first one or two sentences of your articles. Then your second most important should also make it into your first paragraph.

If you can and still make it sound smooth, try to get your third keyword also into the first paragraph or at least near the top of the second paragraph.

Then you should try to work in your keywords throughout the rest of the article at a rate of about one per paragraph.

This will allow you to create SEO articles with consistency in writing and proximity of keywords, which are important to have solid SEO articles.

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