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The Many Benefits Of E-Mail

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Email should be included in all marketing and especially customer service programs.

Email is an excellent way to keep your customers informed about your business and also a great way to collect information from your customers concerning a wide range of issues such as customer satisfaction, needs for new products or changes in products.

Email also serves as that link between the business and current customers; while also being useful in soliciting new business. Many business owners have found email as a way to meet many of their important business objectives.

Email can build awareness in your business

These type of email messages build upon other forms of advertising you are already using. This could be over the air broadcasts, or newspaper ads.

The purpose of these messages is to increase the awareness that potential customers have in your business and the products that you have available. You will not normally seek any feedback since you are only trying to pass information.

Consider this web site messages

These email messages are an attempt to get new customers to take a look at your web site. In the email you may offer something of value for the customer to visit your website.

This could be information, a newsletter or some other small item. Once you have the reader on your web site, you can have them opt-in to your web site, thus opening the door for future contact, via newsletters or additional emails.

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Purchase Messages

These email messages are focused at attempting to get the reader to visit your web site and actually make a purchase. You email should be focused and clear; it needs to completely point out why it would be important for the reader to buy the product now.

You can include thoughts as to how it will help the reader achieve some kind of goal. You should never use the word "free" in the subject, since many spam filters will move the email out of the inbox.

Follow-up or Usage Messages

These email messages are useful once the reader has become an actual purchaser. You need to make contact with these individuals to ensure that they are happy with their purchase.

You can also find out if the product is meeting there expectations. It will also show the customer that you do care about them and that you desire to have them purchase again.

Messages to your loyal customers

The email messages that you send out to your loyal customers could be some of the most important messages that you send out. These messages let those repeat customers know how important you feel that they are to your business.

These messages should also seek feedback from these customers in ways that you could improve your business or products.

You most likely will also receive a few product testimonials or other comments about your web site or products that could be used in future marketing campaigns.

Appropriate Email Etiquette a Must

A final thought goes to ensure that your email message it clear and appropriate in both tone and content.

Words can be misunderstood if they are not carefully used. The best email messages are those that sound as though they are directed towards the reader in a personal/one-on-one nature and not just another form email message.

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