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Universal Search: Any Benefits?

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Everyone trying to operate an online business knows the benefits of selecting good keywords which will assist you in ranking high on the various search engines which most people are using these days to find information and products.

Now with the advent of various selective search engines/databases, it was only time before an ability to search each of these single focus searches into one list.

This is now referred to as a universal search, one that looks into the various available lists or databases to find the most probably site for the answer to the search request.

One of the most popular universal search engines is the main google site.

When you do a search on google, it not only looks at its main site but also at the Google News, Google Video, Google Images, and any other Google location which might have something related to the information which is being searched.

In other words, you get a full and comprehensive list of all available information for the product, service or information you are look for at the time.

Now how can this new searching technique affect your online business, it is simple; there is now more competition for those top search results spots when a universal search is used.

If you site is already search engine optimized, you are probably in good shape but still might be able to use a few tune up points.

You may want to find ways to get exposure on the images, video or other more specific sites available. This can only help your possibilities of getting a high rating.

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Another concern you need to be aware of is how universal search group there results. Some do it the traditional way with a mix of media forms.

However, some of the newer universal search engines are now grouping results into various categories, like blogs or video or media.

If you were hoping for a top spot and find the universal search grouping with blogs first and you do not make the blog data base, you will be left out. This is why it can be important to get your site into the various search engine databases to ensure your success.

Top 5 Ways To Participate in Universal Search

Image Search

Images have always been a great assistance in getting customers to visit and revisit your web site. A good idea to improve your ranking is to optimize your images with keyword descriptions and ALT tags.

The more accurate your description of your image files the better responses you will get from visitors that can see the images and those that do not have that capability.


This is another place where you will benefit from keyword rich descriptions and title tags.


With Google you can submit a press release on your business, announcing its opening or new product line or anything that is significant.

You must them make sure that your content page of your web site has a location for press releases and other news type information related to your web site focus.


If possible you should register you location with Google Maps Local Business Centre. This is a free basic listing and will get you into these search possibilities.

Blog Search

If you are operating a blog for your products or services, you should make sure you are properly registered on Google Blog to come up on these searches.

This will not only boost your blog ranking but could significantly impact your overall universal search ranking do to the amount of information that is usually exchanged on blogs.

As you gain more knowledge on the working of universal search results, you should be able to find even more ways to increase your ranking and thus the number of potential customers that will visit your web site.

This is something that can not wait and should be started today, other business are already working hard in this area. You do not want to be left behind.

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