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Web Content: Give Them Reasons Why

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What is a website? This is a basic question, please reflect and get your answer: what do you think a website is ? Well, if your answer has to do with considering your site just as a leaflet, an e-shop, a blog, you are probably focusing on the 'What' instead of the 'Why'.

It's very easy, and it often happens, to fall in this 'What'-focusing trap, because most of the online promoting and advertising techniques point to drive a general and not targeted traffic to the websites, using search engines, instead of concentrating on targeted traffic, which no doubt has a higher probability to turn visitors into customers.

So you have to pay attention to the strategies of the search engines you want to work on, and most of all to what media you are entrusting the promotion of your business to, testing whether their web content will be able to represent your message, image, business in an effective and so remunerative way, or not.

Using web-video in your marketing

Verbal and non-verbal inputs, live human web content (web-video) instead of a sterile inanimate written page can surely make a great difference in terms of impact on the audience.

So will a Web-video campaign be enough? Not by itself, it needs to be built up, using the right message based on the 'Why' correct approach.

A different perspective

Try to think this way: you are a director, your website is a stage and all the different parts of web content are the actors. So you must direct your actors to effectively convey your message, making it impressive and unforgettable.

So try and change your perspective and let's examine a more efficient and profitable web content styling.

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Your website

Businesses who want to use their websites as a marketing vehicle have to get past thinking of them in terms of merely digital print media.

Data and statistics about some features of your visitors does not really mean that you will be able to find out what that data means or how to exploit them to turn traffic into business.

Get your story across effectively

There are a lot of different styles, strategies, techniques to express something, aiming to get the interest of the audience, but the most efficient way is to put up a story plot.

When visitors examine your website, reading your web content, you are put under observation and every single aspect is carefully weigh up, especially in terms of relevance for their interest and demands.

Memorable communicating makes your performance

First of all, state the main concept of your campaign. Your question is: 'Why should people care ?', this is the most important factor in making out your web content.

Don't do too much, don't bore or annoy people with tons and probably irrelevant information. Your visitors must not be confused, they have to meet and clearly recognize your core message.

In addition to all the foregoing...

... learn from your kids ! Bear in mind their attitude is always asking for the 'Why' about almost anything : Can you recall it ? 'Why ?' 'Why ?' 'Why ?' This must be the crucial question, in any field, of course, not only talking about web content and online marketing...

But this can be an annoying and sometimes uncomfortable question for those who play authority roles in our life, and this is why, growing up, we learn to turn to a 'What' : less troublesome, no doubt, but less stirring and effective too.

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