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10 Simple Steps To Using Social Media To Increase Traffic

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If your goal as a site owner is to get visitors who will repeatedly visit your site as well as stay on it longer, then you should concentrate on improving the social features on your website.

Several new technologies for instance blogging, tagging, RSS, podcasting and others are used for social media.

Social media features are employed in various ways such as social picture and video sharing (as seen in YouTube and Flickr), social networking (Facebook and MySpace), and content ranking based on communities (as seen in Digg, MiniClip).

You can use the following social media techniques to increase traffic:

Identify Yourself

Let people on the online community know who you are. People prefer to interact with people they know. Strangers or unidentified people tend to be shunned.

Post a page on your website telling visitors who you are. This can include information about your skills, goals and accomplishments.

Use MySpace

If you don't already have a page on MySpace, go ahead and create it. Thereafter, provide a link back to your website. Allocate some time every week, preferable a minimum of one hour, to developing your MySpace social network.

Additionally, have a blog on your site on which new friends can write reviews on services or products that you offer.


Set up a blog on your website. Post at least one high quality and relevant article weekly. Use social bookmarking sites for instance del.icio.us to provide simple bookmarking features.

This can be easily done be providing an action button next to each article posted. This button will allow users to submit the article on the bookmarking site.

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Digg is a well-liked website for news ranking. An article that is well "dugg" will drive lots of traffic to you. It is therefore advisable to allow users to post articles from your site directly to Digg. This is done simply by availing a button for each post.


A forum will provide a means for your visitors and subscribers to discuss your services or products. Their debates may include negative comments.

It is important not to delete them as they can inform you of defective products or substandard services and allow you to make the necessary improvements.

Irrelevant discussions as well as hate speeches should be deleted. Boardtracker is a forum search engine, message tracking and instant alerts system. Register your forum on Boardtracker to enable users to find it on this site.


In order to know which products are rated highly or otherwise, provide a means for them to be reviewed by the users. This useful information may enable you to stop producing products which have low ratings.

RSS Feeds

An RSS feed will provide your subscribers with a brief or summarized and possibly tempting snippet of your content. Ensure your new products, forum postings, blogs and others have an RSS feed.

Should the content they see in the feed interest them, visitors will go to your site to get the entire story.

Use Feedburner

Feedburner is an easy to use system for distributing your content via RSS. It is advised to publish your feeds through them.

Make use of videos

How-to videos are a new and popular way of promoting your product or service. You can easily create them and publish them on sites such as YouTube and Google video which provide social video sharing facilities.

The beginning and end of your videos should contain your site URL. Catchy titles, tags and descriptive teasers make the videos easier to find on the sites.

Embed rather than host

By storing your video files on a remote site, you save your own storage and bandwidth. The files will then be accessed by means of embedded links.

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