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Getting To The Top Of Search Engines

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The twenty spots in a search engine search are the one everyone wants to occupy. These are the sites that are noticed the most and the ones people often visit for information, products, and other services.

Your website has to be top-notch in order to make it into this coveted spot. You may spend a great deal of time and money on making sure your website is search engine optimized for keywords, but you may still get beat out of the top spot.

There are ways of getting to the top of the search engine rankings and making sure your site is seen.

The first thing you should do is take a look at the top twenty websites that are listed when you key in the search words that are applicable to your own website business.

From here, see if you can establish a link exchange with those sites. Maybe you offer something they don't.

Use this as good reason to initiate contact with the other webmaster and offer to advertise their site on yours if they would do the same for you. This is one way of driving traffic to both sites and helping you move up in the rankings.

Of course this will help move you up in the ranks a small bit, but it does take more that some link exchanging and search engine optimizing to boost you higher.

There are other things you can add to this course of action to help move you along. While most of these tips help indirectly, they still get word that your website is out there and can help drive the traffic to your site.

Try some of these suggestions and see how they work for you. Utilize discussion boards to interact with other people.

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Add the URL of your website to you profile and signature and engage in conversation with the other board members by posting and answering any questions they may have about your site, your product, or anything in general that you are knowledgeable about.

This will help build up trust between you and the other board members. Offer your visitors or other website owner's one of your products to use on their site as a promotional offer or contest giveaway prize. If you write, author an informative ebook 

Submit articles to other websites that show you are an authority on the subject you are writing about, especially if it has to do with you product. Add a link to the end of it to your site and once it is published, you should hopefully see your traffic increase.

If you are working with another website on promotional efforts, offer to try one of their products and then write an informative review of their product and post it on your website. Let the other website owner know that the review is available and send them the link so that they can post it on their site for their reviewers to read.

Cross promotional deals may be a possibility if you have built up a report with the other owner. Offer them something of yours to sell packaged with one of their products and vice versa.

Use many of the free advertising sites available to advertise your product. Use a catchy slogan and headline that people will remember.

Finally, sign the guestbook of every website you visit that sells similar products to your own and leave link to their website so that they can check out your site and contact you if they are interested in following through with any of the suggestions above.

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