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Using Natural Language To Keyword Your WebSite

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Key wording has been a greatly discussed theme since search engines came into being.

Site owners would like their pages to be listed in the results posted on search engines whenever a search is based on their content. Earlier on, phrases or words could be posted randomly on a page and this would be shown in search results.

It was therefore easy to fool the search engines and get traffic to your website simply by placing the most prevalent keywords at that time on your pages.

For instance, a search for Hollywood celebrities could direct you to a site on toilets if the owners used the relevant keywords. Finding relevant results was very hard back then.

Natural language became a way for search engines to counter this and provide better services. The way they looked at natural language took a more advanced approach as time went by.

Keyword meta tags were an easy way to deceive the search engines and therefore they stopped considering them when listing results.

Secondly, sites whose tags had strings of keywords begun getting penalized. An example of such a tag would be "hockey, hockey, hockey".

Furthermore, they checked if sites incorporated their keywords into their sentences and thereafter checked the content of the page.

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This system was now generating accurate results. However, people still try to deceive them.

A crop of people who perform a service called search engine optimization have emerged. They try to place keywords in text as much as they can, a practice known as keyword stuffing.

Major search engines have emerged with new technologies to counter this practice. Natural language algorithms have been created and are now in used to fight this.

Natural language provides a way for the search engines to check if the keywords are used in an appropriate manner.

Keyword phrases and keywords should be placed evenly and in a likely manner on your page as this will help get your site listed on the search engines.

The precise algorithms used by search engines are largely unknown. However, it is assumed that the natural use of language provides an appropriate guideline.

The following proposals should guide you on the use of keyword phrases and keywords. They have been developed based on simple grammar and the standard use of language:

  • Keywords placed in titles or in descriptive meta tags is natural. They are a way for visitors to determine what your webpage is in relation to. Your keywords and page should be based on the same subject.

  • Keywords can also be naturally placed in heading tags. Chapter headings for various sections of your page should comprise your heading tags.

  • Keywords can also be naturally place in the first sentence.

  • Placing keywords once in several paragraphs is considered natural.

  • Placing keywords a few times in a paragraph is natural however it is considered unnatural to have them placed in all paragraphs. The keyword should sound as though it fits correctly and not as though it was forced into the paragraph.

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