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Will Universal Search Affect SEO

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A great advancement in search engine development is Universal Search. This involves the incorporation of various types of media in the results posted by search engines. Google, one of the largest search engines, was the first one to avail universal search.

YouTube videos, images and other media formats are evident to users on the normal result pages. Other prominent search engines are now unveiling universal search or have indicated that they intend to do so in the future.

SEO companies should pay the appropriate consideration for this major change in the way search engines run.

The Objectives of Universal Search

By making use of universal search, a search engine can provide more inclusive results to its users. There is a lot of information on hand in many other formats other than text.

This realization has been made by Google and other search engines. Videos, images and several other kinds of media are useful to searchers.

The tools to search for other kinds of media have for long been available on Google but these were provided on separate sections and tabs on their websites.

The objective of universal search is to give the user information that is as relevant as possible, irrespective of the media or sources on which it is available.

Google's Universal Search does not currently support new mediums. However, it has video search which now goes beyond its personal properties.

This means that videos on other video service sites such as Metacafe are currently being indexed alongside YouTube and Google.

This is a sign of the industry's concern for providing all-inclusive searches. Google's personalized search in addition to Universal Search is the company's new and innovative means by which they give their users highly relevant and useful information.

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Does Universal Search influence SEO?

Universal search is of great concern to those in the SEO industry. The extent to which it could have an effect on SEO methods is yet undefined since Google is still putting into action the many aspects Universal Search has.

However, it is quite clear that SEO companies have to adapt to stay up to date with the new technology. SEO has until now only dealt with content in form of text.

Therefore, they focused only on items like meta data, page structure, keyword optimization and linking, which are all text based.

Universal search has increased the number of options you have to drive traffic to your site.

SEO therefore needs to spread out and cover the various different types of content and formats that search is now covering. Videos, images and other documents on a website need to be optimized in much the same way as text has been optimised.

A specialized feature called vertical searches is a method by which particular type of websites and documents available on the internet are indexed.

This feature is usually available on major search engines and generally indexes blogs, books, forums and other information documents.

If content is optimized for a vertical search, it is highly likely that it will appear on Universal Search since the latter uses result from the former search feature.

As a result, searchers are becoming increasingly aware of search options other than the standard method whenever they use a search engine that uses universal search.

Furthermore, users can be easily directed to highly relevant and informative content on services or products that search engine marketers are selling. This is irrespective of the media in which this exists.

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