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Website Promotion With PPC: Should You Bother

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If you want to know what pay-per-click (PPC) is, do the following. Open google.com In the search box, type in a phrase or keyword and click on the button "Google Search".

This will open a results page. At the top of this page there are a number of links, usually one or two, called sponsored links.

The owners of the sites that these links direct you to pay Google a certain fee for them to have their links placed there. This fee is in addition to a fee that they pay each time a user clicks on their links.

PPC users must first place a bid on a certain phrase or keyword. This bid tells Google how much the website is willing to spend for every click for that particular keyword.

When a result page for that keyword is displayed in Google, the sponsored links or pay per click advertisements are ranked in order from the highest bid to the lowest bid.

The PPC links are removed once the limit set by the bidder is reached since they pay per click and an extremely large number of clicks can mean a very huge bill for the website.

A website can spend a large amount of money on clicks without any of them translating into sales of the service or product being offered.

The usual conversion rates range between 1% and 3%. This means that of all the people who click your PPC links, only a meager 1% to 3% may actually place an order for your service or product.

This percentage needs to be considered when you consider making a marketing scheme using PPC.

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Search engine users are mostly looking for information about a service or product and are not ready buyers. This is usually a blow to PPC since many of the visitors who land at your website using this means are unlikely to buy your services or products.

This can often translate into no sales for a large amount of money spent for the clicks.

The best way of using search engines is to obtain a high ranking. This is available within the free section. Therefore, even though only a small percentage of visitors become buyers or subscribers, you don't have to part with money for every click that drives them there.

It is therefore vital for you to reach the top of search engine rankings for an online business to be successful.

If you keep your per-click costs are kept low then PPC advertising may be appropriate if you sell items that are somewhat costly, for example items that cost at least $100.

However, it has been observed that the amount of money you make is often less than what you spend.

It has been noted that a business that sells a service or product that generates a recurring payment is the one in the best position to make the most use of PPC.

A diverse approach to internet marketing as well as search engine optimization of your websites is highly recommended for people who operate small businesses. If your website is popular, you can drive traffic without paying for the visitors.

An affiliate program is a great way for your website to be further promoted by other websites.

Usually, this is done at a commission which is paid for all referrals that they send you. Internet marketing is best conducted by using several means which are affordable and direct a large amount of visitors to your website.

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