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If you're not familiar with Internet marketing, you may wonder what exactly it entails.

Internet marketing involves a diverse group of tools that raise your company's profile among online users with the aim to increase sales and patronage of your business, organization, website, etc.

As part of your Internet marketing campaign, you can use email, video, advertising, newsletters and forums, and articles and press releases.

For many businesses, you'll see that a blend of all of these will be used. It's rare to find an Internet marketing strategy that relies solely on one of these techniques.


Email is an important tool for Internet marketing. It's relatively inexpensive and it's also easy for recipients to pass on to their friends and colleagues. Your marketing messages can include written copy and images.

It's also pretty straightforward to administer; the subscribe processes and unsubscribe processes can be automated. One thing to remember though is that not everyone has the same kind of email.

Some users have HTML-capable email while others have only plain text email. You also need to make sure that your messages can get through the spam filters that many people have on their email addresses.


Internet marketing can also include videos. These can be hosted on your website or posted to a shared video site, especially one that supports social networking.

The link to your Internet marketing video can be included in an email or posted on your website. If the viral video takes off, the link to your video will be sent around the world and seen by millions of users.

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A well-done, targeted video can be a key part of your marketing strategy.


Advertisements are also a key part of Internet marketing. It's comparatively inexpensive to advertise online, at least a compared with print, radio, and television advertising.

Internet marketing advertisements can be more targeted than other media advertisements.

Advertisements can be website banner and button ads, as well as newsletter advertising, email advertising, and more. With today's advertisement tracking ability, the results of an advertising campaign can be very closely tracked.

Newsletters and forums

If you're serious about Internet marketing, you may want to consider setting up newsletters and online forums.

These are a great way of reaching your customers and being memorable, because you're providing them with practical information that they can use.

As part of an Internet marketing campaign, newsletters and forums are great tools, delivering a strong return on your investment.

Articles, press releases

Articles and press releases can also be critical parts of your Internet marketing campaign. These articles can be used on free article sites or your announcements can be done via press release that is sent to a very specific audience.

Articles on those free article sites can be a critical part of your Internet marketing strategy because well-used articles get a lot of face time on the screen.

A successful Internet marketing campaign will probably be made up of a combination of these tools, used concurrently or consecutively. 

A careful analysis of your business goals and these marketing tools can help you put together the right campaign and find great success with it.

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