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How To Get Your Website Ready For Universal Search

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The use of images, articles and videos are web contents that could work for your company when fully utilized.

Developing a strategy to meet search conditions means more than just optimizing your websites landing page. You can use these 5 tips to make universal search work for you.

Stop The Presses

To allow universal search work for you, you have to ensure that your company's press releases and news gets attention from the news media operators like Google, Yahoo or MSN.

Creating press release is a must as it would give you a better chance of your website showing up in search engine results.

It would also give people who are interested in your company first hand information about your company and allow them to notice you. You might even get some publicity via this medium.

A press release gives you a perfect opportunity to showcase your company as well as have a competitive advantage over your competitors.

If you have no news at all, you could churn out a press release on recent happenings in your industry or business ideas relating to your business. Remember the more publicity you court, the more your chances of increasing your universal search advantage.

Don't Over Look Images

Using images will also enhance your universal search experience as images are gradually showing up in search results based on descriptive texts in the HTML images tag and text around the images.

It is relatively easy to upload images to your website. You can also include graphs, illustrations and charts related to your business to further enhance your universal search.

You also have to lay emphasis on your image ALT tags, captions and surrounding text and use keyword-rich descriptions once you have your images uploaded on your website so that search engines can find them.

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Capitalize On Video Content

Create a fully optimized multimedia content for your website. Using presentations, interviews, flash ads, commercials and presentation video would definitely boost your search engine results. This would also provide you with more results from the search engine.

Be sure to locate your multimedia content where search engine spiders can locate them easily and remember to use rich keyword titles and descriptions. Sharing your video on YouTube or other video sharing sites can further enhance your universal search result.

Make Sure Search Engines Can Get To Your Content

Making your site easily accessible to search engine is a plus factor.

You should monitor broken links, improper redirects, flash-heavy site and fix it in case you find anything because search engines spiders sees your sites differently than a normal visitor and scans for links and contents while navigating your site.

You should also have a site map which makes your contents search engine friendly. Ensure that it is updated regularly and with proper formatting before submitting it to Google.

It is imperative you remember that spiders need clear text links which would clearly be invisible if you do not provide links from your main site to all your website pages.

Don't Ruin Your Hardwork

You should not ignore keyword-rich text and page titles on your webpage as they are still an essential component of your website.

Do not overlook them as quality links to your site are essential SEO (search engine optimization) components. You should use both to get maximum effect.

By observing these tips, you can expand your chances of been noticed by potential clients and customers which also ensures that every aspect of your site is accessible and ready for universal search.

You can be sure of jumping to the forefront of search engine media race.

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