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Top AutoResponders Reviews

The most frequently asked question by both new and experienced marketers is “which is the finest autoresponder and email marketing tool?”

Email marketing tools and autoresponders are, without a doubt, an integral part of one’s business. It is used to keep the communication up with the users, ensure that they keep coming back to your website, increase sales and build reliability. Still, there is no correct answer. Do you want the best possible deliverability? Do you wish to import offline contacts? Do you want to join your management list with shopping cart? What is your monthly budget, $20 or $500? The answers to the above questions are very different from each other.

According to our research and experience, these are some of the best autoresponders available in the market at the moment and are commendable of reviewing in this website:

Following are the things we kept in mind for our list:

#1 AutoResponders - GetResponse

GetResponse has been in the market for the last 15 years and has made a reliable name for itself in that period. There are various reasons behind the success of GetResponse. This email creator platform has some exclusive features which makes it one of the best in business. Things which make it different from others is its uncomplicated drag-and-drop interface having amazing image editing tools and a collections of templates. It also has an iPhone app having features such as autoresponder and an ability to track live statistics from your smartphone. In this way, you can be in touch with your subscribers by putting minimum efforts. Another amazing feature of GetResponse is the language support through which you can keep your international customers updated. 

GetResponse has all the features which make it an ideal; and top-ranking auto responder. It has features like choice to import mailing list, demographic segmentation to identify database then require opt in and account health meter. Despite being a bootstrapped startup, it is quite inexpensive and comes integrated with ecommerce solutions and payment providers making integration of email marketing with other business processes an easy affair. GetResponse is especially designed to create and manage list of mid tens of thousands. Therefore, it can be termed as a great choice for small businesses. 

Click Here To Visit GetResponse Site

#2 AutoResponders - AWeber

Aweber, an auto marketing tool has been in the market for a rather long time. An old and outdated interface could be termed as this autoresponder’s main disadvantages. Due to its early moving advantage, it is still a very successful autoresponder among the users. Creating, editing, managing, scheduling, and sending emails are a breeze through Aweber because of its user friendly interface. For this reason, it is a popular email marketing platform. Then there is also an option to connect Aweber with social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can easily send your messages to a huge number of people you are connected with. A follow up tool of this autoresponder is responsible for sending multiple emails to recently added subscribers. 

Aweber is easily the best choice if you wish to manage lists of hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands through internet. It doesn’t have an option to add lists through an offline source. On the other hand, for managing online lists, Aweber has the most excellent deliverability ratings on the market. For online opt-in forms, it is a rather wise choice. This product boasts an impressive delivery rate of 99%. It is guaranteed that your email will be delivered and opened. You don’t have to worry anymore because it is a certainty that your email will be opened by the subscribers. 

Click Here To Visit AWeber Site

#3 AutoResponders - MailChimp

MailChimp is quite interesting and fun to use because of its colorful interface. Another special feature is an impressive quote at the top of each page. MailChimp also offers a variety of free templates and connects and integrates without any problem with social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, EvenBrite, ejunkie, et cetera. It also has an autoresponder feature which automatically sends a welcome message to all new subscribers without any effort from your side. 

Conclusively, MailChimp is a great choice for creating and managing professional and unique emails. You can also prepare a schedule for sending emails as per your choice. However, it doesn’t have features like easy to use reporting tools and email builder. If you are a beginner looking to start your business than MailChimp is an intelligent pick. If your list is under 500 users, you can create emails for free by using the “forever free” plan. You need to be updated of the price at it can quite easily change and add up. This is the only limitation of MailChimp.

Click Here To Visit MailChimp Site

#4 AutoResponders - Constant Contact

Constant Contact is undoubtedly a brilliant email marketing tool choice if you like HTML and graphic emails. It is also suitable for making lists in hundreds, thousands and tens of thousands. Apart from having all of the features for an autoresponder, Constant Contact also has an impressive deliverability rate. Moreover, it is absolutely free to use with every feature for the first 2 months. You can test it for this duration whether you wish to continue with it or not. 

The charge is usually $15 for 500 subscribers and this increase with the increase in list size. For instance, when you have 25,000 subscribers, you have to pay as much as $150 a month. The import from Microsoft Outlook/Outlook Express is also easy and the deliverability rate and support is excellent too. We put Constant Contact #4 on our list because it is a bit expensive than other services on the list. If you are just a beginner marketer with only one or two websites, Constant Contact could be quite costly. 

Click Here To Visit Constant Contact Site

#1 AutoResponders - iContact  

If you don’t have any or little understanding of web marketing, you can still go for minimal interface as it is easy to create and manage. iContact also has a feature to connect you easily with various social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter from where you can share you messages. 

There are other superb features such as message builder, image library, autoresponder and coder tool. You need to have an advanced understanding of web marketing for creating HTML templates with the help of coder toll. iContact is a perfect choice for those who wish to import outside lists. You can add people in the list by two ways: manually or through import. 

Click Here To Visit iContact Site

We took in consideration the following features of Autoresponders:

Choosing a trustworthy autoresponder service is very important as it helps in keeping communication with customers and increasing business. This is very important for your business name to grow. There are various factors your must remember in order to pick the perfect autoresponder for your business. However, these 5 are the most significant factors in this case: deliverability, analytics, segmentation, templates, and support. Let’s take a look at these factors closely one by one:


This is probably the most important factor in choosing autoresponders and email marketing tools. Deliverability is defined as the rate at which the emails are sent out to your subscribers. This process is similar to sending letters to thousands of people. Now, imagine all the hard work which will be ruined if the letters do reach to your subscribers. There are factors like ISP and sender reputation which affect deliverability. A high quality autoresponder makes sure that your messages are reaching the targeted inboxes.


A systematic analysis of data by an autoresponder is a smart way to use it for your business growth. There are many amazing features of an autoresponder such as content analysing which helps in finding what catches customer’s attention. It is also useful in deliverability, monitoring activity, lead generation, subscriber activities, open and click through rates and finding sections and products generating the most traffic. It is surprising the amount of information you can get through email marketing tools which helps you in better decision making.


In simplest of terms, segmentation is putting together the subscribers in a way that will help you in delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. This ensures that your emails don’t become unnecessary messages which fill up subscriber’s inbox space. Segmentation is useful in sending the relevant messages to the customers depending upon the subscriber’s location, activities, age and past purchases. When you target the right subscribers, the open and click rates are converted easily into done deals.


To create attention-grabbing and professional-appearing emails, an editor is important in your autoresponder service. This is useful in forming a long term relationship with the customer and ensuring the reliability of your email content along with the click rates from your subscribers. A majority of autoresponders also offer drag and drop editor for swift and simple email creation. For those proficient in HTML language and prefer tweaking each element of the message, adding HTML coding is available.


A helpful and friendly customer support is the foundation of a trustworthy company and autoresponders are no exceptions. A customer service must always be ready to solve any problems a client faces. To ensure that the problem is fixed and task is completed without any problem, customer support needs to be available 24/7. A lot of autoresponder services offer live chat feature so that you won’t have to check email response continuously or wait for the support staff to pick up your phone.

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