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Top Web Analytics Reviews

#1 Web Analytics - Clicktale

A brand new name in the world of web analytics and optimization, Clicktale is a company that provides optimization tool, which you might not want to miss out. What makes this tool different from the other web analytic tools is its ability to store information about the behavior of individual visitors visiting the web pages, in contrast to the traditional tools where information is provided about aggregate visitors. This company provides the website owners videos about the visitor’s behavior on the web pages as well as browsing by combining thousands of sessions. 

Clicktale track the visitors, based on the click or scroll that the visitors make while visiting the web pages. After tracking the information, the company creates videos of consumer’s behavior and preferences for the clients. 

Clicktale is considered as one of the greatest analytical tool on the web. It is an excellent choice for any business to shoot up their sales and adopt improvised marketing strategies. It enhances your website’s status in the SEO world, which makes Clicktale a perfect tool for your business. This useful product ensures reliability of your website, which increases the traffic to meet your expectations and help you reach your business goals easily.

Form analytics is a powerful feature of Clicktale that provides detailed reports on various aspects of conversion statistics of your opt in forms. Besides recording the visitor’s interaction with the web form, it will also provide details such as, which of the fields the visitor chose to skip during the sign up process. This helps you to change those fields or swap them with something more simpler request of data in order to enhance the experience of the visitors. 

Click Here To Visit Clicktale Site

#2 Web Analytics - iWebTrack

iWebTrack is a company that provides their clients an analytical tool for several types of business. The tools offered by this company notify you about your website related information through an email. iWebTrack will trigger an alarm the minute it detects any kind of problems on your website, so that you can take proper help at the right time.

iWebTrack provides a range of analysis about every visitor who visits your website. It provides a summary of information regarding the Operating System, Geographic Location, IP Address, Referring document, Navigational path, Web Browser and many more. This information is available for a range of dates too.

The amazing feature that benefits the owner of the website is the company’s ability to provide real time tracking of the information and data. It is extremely beneficial to have this data in the analysis software. It provides flexibility on the missing pieces of data. Besides, it also provides information on the keyword phrases that were used by the visitors in the search engines in order to track your website.

Collecting demographic and regional data of your visitors, finding out about the referrer who is responsible for maximum sales and measuring the ROI of promotional campaigns are some of the other amazing features of iWebTrack.

Lastly, it provides access through mobile phones. Most of the owners need to check their business frequently and whenever there is an order the owner can check this information through their phone. Hence, it is not necessary to open a laptop every time to find out about the problems or orders. 

Click Here To Visit iWebTrack Site

#3 Web Analytics - Onestat

OneStat Platinum is an excellent product for those who want web analysis and fraud monitoring. It is suitable for the company who is involved in advertisements. Most of the advertisements pay the consumers for allowing them to put the ads in their blogs. In this case, the company will use the website to monitor the click fraud system. 

This software helps you to carry out a real time analysis on your website. It becomes quite easy to detect any fraud like people clicking your website for fun and messing with it by entering incorrect information. This could not only waste your time addressing people who don’t exist and collecting invalid data. 

Therefore, it is very important to have your website protected with the click fraud systems. This will help you save money on advertising clicks, which you as a businessman need to pay your marketing suppliers. Onestat offers the kind of protection your website requires.

Onestat also includes systems, which indicate the exact location from where the websites were created. It enhances the beauty of contents that people expect on you website. People may have various reasons for visiting your website. Onestat provides all the information to the clients including the reasons why people should refer your website over others.

It allows you to track reports on hourly, daily, monthly and yearly basis. These reports allow you to evaluate the information fed on it based on keyword results, researches, geographical locations and others.

This software can track the revenue and sales. Hence, it is easy to estimate the results with this software. Also, it provides the facility of conducting email campaigns to the website owner. 

Click Here To Visit Onestat Site

#4 Web Analytics - StatCounter

When it comes to the benefits of software, Stat Counter outstands all, as it assists consumers in building customized websites. The best part about this software is that it is available at free of cost. This simply means the website owner can install the software on their website without being worried about paying for it. In simple words, StatCounter improves the cost saving methods of the clients. 

Besides this, StatCounter provides various visual programs to its customers. For example, the company creates a chart to view the report effectively. They also have graphs on the report of sales and information about the visitors to the website. The report chart includes the summary of total reports, popular pages on the website and referrers. When the clients come through the referrers, then this tool will also mention the name of the referrer in the system. 

Also, StatCounter includes keyword analysis to accommodate the Google search or other search providers. The most attractive feature of this software is that it is a silent mode system, which means, the visitors to the website will never have an idea about the tracking software being installed on the web pages. In order to enhance the credibility, this software offers free programs to the clients. 

Although it has certain limitations, it can still educate the clients before choosing the paid version. In this case, the company ensures total satisfaction through free programs. When the owner is satisfied about the software, they can purchase it on the company website for $ 9 to $29.

Click Here To Visit StatCounter Site

#5 Web Analytics - inQbation

The inQbation is an agency, which deals in the online marketing business of website promotion and maintenance and development of different websites. The agency helps in building websites for medium and large scale businesses and also for the Governmental and Non Governmental Organizations. 

It not only believes in offering the best services to the potential or existing clients, but also deals in the promotion of new products in order to attract new clients and engage in business with them. The agency believes in offering top most services to the clients along with large number of user and mobile friendly features. InQbation follows an agile software development method, which comprises of an iterative procedure and rapid sprints.

The sole aim of inQbation is to work in a group, as the tasks performed by different individuals affect the performance of the team significantly. The agency has successfully completed the projects related to World Bank, the White House, City of the New York and many more reputed projects.

It is very hard to work as an individual and come up with attractive designs. This equation holds well in the methodology of this agency too. The working committee of the agency knows that it can be very difficult for an individual to work on the project all alone, instead they prefer to work as a team and perhaps, this is their greatest strength. 

They deliver mobile friendly, search engine friendly and easy to use web management systems. They leverage content management and open source systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla.

Click Here To Visit inQbation Site

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